Thursday, October 07, 2004

Alright, I've gone and done it!

The Spinning Wheel - a blogwheel- er- ring for spinners!

Click on the button in my sidebar to add yourself to the list to join (Don't comment here - I need the information they ask for at Ring Surf). The wheel is tiny now, but I've had a fair amount of interest, so I imagine as people figure out how to join, it will grow! For Jen & La and Lauren, I think even fair interest in spinning is acceptable... just become a spinner of some kind soon, and this could be a great resource for learning more (and Lauren, you should know full well that I will come over to your house to play with Fiona anytime!)

There are currently 4 buttons if you want them, just different colors to coordinate with your blogs:

Blue 331341:

Red 859711:

Purple 536528:

and Green 409752:

The numbers beside the color name are the button code, so if you're looking for one in particular, I've got the html code listed in the group descriptions, just match that up with the number, cut and paste!

You do need to have the ring information (at least list, next and previous) on the front page of your blog before I can add you, so if you're in the cue, please make sure you do, and I'll add people daily!

This is fun and exciting - can't wait to read all those spinners' blogs!


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