Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I am not a neat freak. Yes, there are certain things that I like to have in their place (try putting my tapemeasure in the wrong pocket of my knitting bag!) but for the most part I agree with whoever it was that said "when I do housework I prefer to sweep the house with a gaze."

It's just that so often there are better things to do - better things, like play with yarn, play with cats, play with dog... just play. Plus, you have to have a place to put things. "Away" doesn't occur on it's own, you have to find it first. Often, there's already something in that "away" and who am I to tell it to move?

To put it kindly, I am not Betty Homemaker.

But I would like a home. You know the difference between a home and a house, don't you? At this point, I have a house. Well, not even that, really. I have a place to live. And while adjusting to living with my husband has been a challenge, it hasn't been as difficult a transition as I expected. We clearly define the cleanliness of a bathroom on drastically different scales, but then he finds "away" much more easily than I do, so I can accept the responsibility of an occasional bleaching of the lavatory.

You see, I moved into GB's house. We'd known each other for 6 years, and been committed for some time, so I didn't really think of him as a bachelor... until I moved in, and saw how much he had... just because. It seems once a man stops using something, it becomes invisible. I'm sure he thought he'd made room for me to move in. But because it's invisible to him, doesn't mean it doesn't take up space, so my belongings are now perched precariously on top of his. Which makes for very exciting obstacle courses, if you're a cat. Fortunately, two of our housemates are.

And so I've begun pressuring him to move. I'd like a place that's ours, not his with my stuff thrown in for good measure. I'd like a house where my neighbors don't comment on what happened in my house - when they were outside. And - dare I say it - I'd like to not have a broken toilet in the woodpile out back. Okay, we can probably handle that last one and not have to move, but I want a home with my husband, not just a common abode.

Because of certain dreams, I'd like a small amount of land as well. Ideally, 10 acres of our property for the animals, and then maybe 10 surrounding acres as a buffer? And bedrooms for the step-son along with other guests. And a beautiful rose garden, and a small fish pond with a waterfall... and I'd like it all for the thirteen cents I have in my pocket now.

So the househunt is on - it's going to be a homehunt. I suppose I'll just have to trust in karma that what we're meant to find will show itself. Sort of like "away". And hopefully there's not anyone else already there.

Thoughts for the Day:

Proverb - “Peace and a well–built house cannot be bought too dearly.”

Unknown - “Men make houses, women make homes.”

Saint Teresa of Avila - “Do you think it is only a little thing to possess a house from which lovely things can be seen?”


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