Friday, April 30, 2004

I was pretty much useless yesterday. I faded into daydreams in the middle of recording one of the shows and let the host go on too long. Of course, I can't then say "sorry, I was thinking about yarn" I had to pretend everything was fine and then edit his show down later. And that took me about four times as long as it should have, since I kept drifting off in to yarn-uphoria. Generally scheduling commercials takes me about two hours. Yesterday, after four hours, I'd gotten two out of 12 hours done. Oh, my.

And after struggling through a useless day at work, I simply had to go into Cloverhill for a fix. 48 hours to go, but I couldn't wait. I mean, I needed point protectors, so I had a valid excuse. Plus, I actually finished what I was supposed to at work, so it was sort of a reward. And there was this yummy yarn - Manos del Uraguay, a Merino/Corriedale handspun - in the most amazing fall colors... slightly muted version of what I dyed at Casa de Bess. Now, it looks as though what I dyed that day is actually superwash, and we didn't know. Which means I need to get yarn that will felt, right? How else am I going to make a tiny felted bag to keep my WW paperwork together? So I had to get that as well. Plus, it's one of those yarns that supports women in Uraguay, who have no other means of supporting their families, so I would have been a bad person to turn it down. See how good I am at rationalization?

And after touching every single ball of yarn in the shop (I'm apparantly wanting to knit something of mohair, since I had to pass by that shelf six times) I headed home. And was greated at the door by only one cat. This is HIGHLY irregular. Usually the boys are fighting over who gets kisses first. Today, Aslan looked remarkably calm... and alone.

After checking favorite nap places, I started calling Trevor's name, and heard crying. It would seem that my dear husband had shut the dryer right before he left for a business trip. Poor little adventurous Trevor, who can always be counted on to get himself into a predicament, had hopped into the dryer a moment before, and GB didn't do a cat count before he closed the door (despite my numerous warnings to do so!). Following Trevor's cries, I found a hungry, thirsty, and frightened cat who was very willing to be cuddled and kissed until we both felt better. I would like to hope that his attention span worked for us in this instance, that he really only got frightened when he heard my voice and couldn't get to me. Surely he spent most of the day playing with socks and his tail, and all the other exciting things that we also shut in the dryer?

I need to knit. So I sat and knit about 5 inches of the to-be-felted bag at a rate that can only be described as an "angry at the husband fevered pitch", then decided I was going to run out of yarn before I got the proportions for the bag that I wanted, frogged it back to the beginning and started over slightly smaller. And was still angry enough to get another 6 inches done on that.

GB did have the good sense to tell me he felt horrible, and to tell me that several times. Good. He should. And he also says he will apologize to Trevor when he gets home from his trip tonight (Pardon my dangling participle - GB's trip, not Trevor's. Trevor is just going into the kitchen today). So things are fine with us, then, and after a momentary loss of focus when Trevor was endangered... yep, it's back to daydreaming about yarn... fiber... spinning...

And today. Ugh.

I am completely and utterly worthless. I mean really, I should be sent home obsessed, right? I mean, I'm not doing anyone any good, and frankly, I could get quite a bit of knitting done if I were home right now.

MD S&W is tomorrrow. Tomorrow! (which oddly, is always a day away - I want it here now!!!)

Two days of just play - looking at all those yarns, all those fibers, all those spinning wheels, and being there with people who (*ahem, Sharon*) don't think I'm insane for finding that exciting!

But to see Bess, and Jenn, and Lissa, and Clara, and Martha... oh, things just can't be bad when I'm playing with them. And I'm meeting Julie for the first time, and I've so enjoyed e-mailing with her - and she's a fiber friend nearby!

I'll be spinning every wheel that will hold still long enough for me. I've decided I'll simply have to put a little bit of money aside each week, and slowly build up enough to buy my wheel, and I'll want to know how much to save for which wheel, right? Afterall, I'll need something to do while recovering from dental surgery, since eating isn't likely to be much of an option (but good for the WW plan!)
I just can't wait. I just can't.

I'm not going to get anything accomplished today at all.

Shoot! I gotta go record the news!

Thoughts for the Day:

HERMAN WOUK - “What one doesn't realize in ordinary mental health is that daily life is a show. You have to put on a right costume, to improvise right speeches, to do right actions, and all this isn't automatic, it takes concentration and work and a simply amazing degree of control.”

Charles E. Popplestone - “Concentrate all your thoughts on the great desire in your life. This concentration must be continuous, unceasing — every minute; every hour; every day; every week.”

Isaac Asimov - “Nothing interferes with my concentration. You could put on an orgy in my office and I wouldn't look up. Well, maybe once.”


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