Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I went to the dentist yesterday to have a broken tooth looked at, and got some pretty crappy news.

I haven't been able to go for sometime, since I haven't had insurance since graduating college, until I married GB. (not that it would have mattered for all the help insurance gives us for dental)

Turns out because of those years without professional cleanings, I'm in the early stages of "periodontal disease" which in itself for now isn't all that bad. Of course, they show you these horrible videos that talk about how this disease, when it's severe, has been linked to stroke and heart attack (bacteria gets loose in your system) and then once they get you good and scared, they tell you how much the treatment is.

$1367 over several cleanings, which involves sticking a probe down to the roots of my teeth, under the gums, and scraping away. Yup. Good times to be had by all. (Our fantastic insurance, by the way, will cover $62 of it. How very kind of them.)

Which means a big change in my attitude for Maryland Sheep & Wool. I'd set aside some money to go a little crazy buying trinkets and fiber and yarn. I was going to spin until my fingers bleed so I could pick out the spinning wheel of my dreams. I was just going to have a wonderful weekend of fiber frolicking with reckless abandon, but now....

My spending this weekend is going to have to be much more limited than I'd hoped, and I can pretty much kiss a wheel goodbye. GB's still saying we can budget for it, and figure out how I can still get a wheel, but I can't very well ask him to do that, when it's his money that pays for all of this stuff, including my dental.

So I'm feeling pretty ... Uggy.

But at least I'll get to see my Knitters Review friends. That's something pretty great to look forward to.

Thoughts for the Day:

Nothing deep. Just that dentists suck.


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