Friday, April 23, 2004

Oh, what a delicious day.

I left work slightly early (always a good thing to leave work!) and went to Pilates, which I enjoy a great deal. Then rushed out of there and hit the road, because down in VA Lissa nad I were having a PLAY DAY!!!

Since GB has agreed that I should have a spinning wheel, it now remains to me to find the wheel that likes me the most. I should let you know that I never had any interest in spinning. I teased GB for a while when I first started knitting, saying we should buy alpaca, he should learn to spin, and then I could knit all day. But I didn't have any desire to actually spin myself.

And then I spun for a bit on Phancy - Lissa's wheel (a Fricke single treadle). And my feelings... well, they didn't change. I could see where someone might think it was fun, but nope, not for me.

But you see, Bess always talks about how some wheels sing to you, while others spit. And while I admire Bess a great deal (in fact she's one of my very favorite people) I wasn't sure that I knew what she meant. But hey, I'm an open minded gal. So I tried a Luett wheel.

Do you hear that? SINGING!!!

This is FUN FUN FUN - and Daddy can't take the T-bird away!

Then I tried the Ashford Joy. WhhhhooooEEEEEE!!!

I have GOT to get me one of them!

And since GB is pretty much a sucker for making me happy, it was decided that I would. But I needed to make sure that I didn't get a wheel that didn't like me. So Lissa and I had our play day, and I'm spinning until my fingers bleed at MD S&W.

We went to the LYS, and they of course handed me the most expensive wheel first. A Schact. Lissa was nearly giddy with excitement. I spun for a moment... and started to question my initial reaction. This can't be what got me so excited! Nope, not my wheel. (A bit of a relief, to be honest - I'd have to sell GB to afford it, and I'm rather fond...)

But then the Majacraft Susie... delightful... a heavenly Ashford Travellor (double treadle - the single treadle spit at me and said things on which the FCC would frown!) ... and the lovely Lendrum....

Yes, this is what I got so excited about. And I'm not sure yet that I've found my wheel - the Lendrum sang in my key the most, but is out of my price range. But oh, what fun this is... the soft puff of fiber, sliding through your fingers, becoming something lovely and practical all at once, right there before your eyes.

I can't wait for MD S&W.....

Thoughts for the Day:

William Shakespeare - “The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together: our virtues would be proud, if our faults whipped them not; and our crimes would despair, if they were not cherished by our virtues.”

Plato - “The productions of all arts are kinds of poetry and their craftsmen are all poets.”


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