Monday, April 05, 2004

Well, here we go!

As my life has taken on several new forms of inspiration in the past months - new season, new marriage, new diet, new furry friend, and new fibrous dreams - it seemed only right that I should find a new means of letting it out!

It's the first week of daylight savings time. As a dear friend has mentioned in her blog, most people don't much appreciate this time of year. I must admit I would have rather snuggled back in bed with my very warm husband this morning, myself. But I am a morning person at heart - just a cold morning person, it seems! Waking up was easy - it was the leaving the blanket part that was tricky. Proof that it was too cold to be April was the complete absence of felines from my bed. My two sweet boys are generally very near me when I sleep, be that in bed or for a nap on the couch. When it's cold, however, you'd think they didn't wear fur coats year 'round, for there they are, snuggled together in front of the space heater. They remember their ancestral African days, I suppose.

And I feel guilty on cold mornings, too, for our little (ha!) Oscar out in the yard. Oscar showed up nearly a month ago now, a 50 pound ball of energy and love, and we're looking for a family who will love him for good - our own quarters are too close for that much energy. Tonight is supposed to drop into the low 20's, so Oscar will have to come in, sleep on a nest of blankets in the spare bedroom. We'll see how much he chews up this time - our last victim was my pair of cherished headphones from my on-air days in radio. My own fault - leaving a young dog without proper attention and plenty of things to chew is certainly not something he should have to resist. I think in the future days I'll share some of my past stories about him, dragging them in from letters I've already sent.

I've mentioned the new season, the new furry friend, the new (very warm) husband ... so I suppose the new diet should be mentioned too, although just briefly. I used to be a dancer, and now I'm out of breath after a flight of stairs. So it's onto Weight Watchers. 9.4 pounds down in three weeks. This past week was harder than the first two, it seemed. Old habits need to be broken. It's a lifetime commitment, and I've quite a battle ahead of me, but failure is not an option.

As for my new dreams... well, we'll go into some of them tomorrow, I think. Others are still percolating in my mind... I'm enjoying the bubble of them just there for now... I'll share them soon.

Thought for today: "The beginning is always today." - Mary Wollstonecraft


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