Friday, May 14, 2004

I revel slightly in my own personal extreme brilliance for being able to post pictures to my blog... ahhhhhh....

Okay, now. My job is an adventure. I suppose I could look at it that way, and as it's Friday and I'm going to attempt to remain positive, this is how I'm going to phrase it. My job is an adventure.

Sure, most of it is moderately boring computer work, making sure the right commercials run on the radio station at the right time. A lot of it is spent waiting for files to download (which gives me plenty of time to read Knitters Review and write my blog) but mostly it's an adventure because I never know what I'm going to walk into.... into what I'm going to walk? Sometimes grammer is icky, and you know what I mean.

With each passing day I become more convinced my co-worker has some sort of mental personality disorder. Not multiple personalities - he'd have to have at least one for that to be a consideration - but maybe manic depression or just plain imajerkiness.

I never know what I'm going to walk into when I get to work in the morning. I do my job fairly consistantly - note I didn't say perfectly! I make a few mistakes, here and there, as I think most non-inherantly-computer-savy folks do when working with lots of tiny lines of computer language (especially when they're supposed to be wearing the reading glasses that are right now on the kitchen table) but for the most part I do my job well, and consistantly.

And at least three days a week, I come in, check my work e-mail, and find pleasant e-mails from my boss B, and a special surprise from my co-worker S. I've spoken of them both before. S is the wild card of this job. There are many days when my notes and e-mails from him will read "Great job yesterday - really fantastic effort, so glad you were there doing such great work." A bit over the top, but friendly and complimentary. But there are just as many days where the e-mails from him will contain such rude condescention, you'd think I'd kicked his mother. Having never met his mother, I can assure you that isn't the case. To hear him talk, he is the creator of all things wonderful in radio, talented beyond compare, and I'm a mindless button pusher who can't even spell my own name without his blessed assistance. Neither of these is anywhere close to the truth. Fortunately, B understands that I'm dealing with a maniac, and is patient with both of us (which is only fair).

Today was a good day. The notes left for jobs to do today were clear and friendly, the comments about last night were complimentary and kind. Generally nice enough that it makes me feel so sad that this man must be so miserable to behave the way he does. He must be so sad, and I am sad for him...

Until I get one of those nasty e-mails again, and then he can go rot.

Thoughts for the Day:

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard - “The case with most men is that they go out into life with one or another accidental characteristic of personality of which they say: Well, this is the way I am. I cannot do otherwise. Then the world gets to work on them and thus the majority of men are ground into conformity. In each generation a small part cling to their 'I cannot do otherwise' and lose their minds. Finally there are a very few in each generation who in spite of all life's terrors cling with more and more inwardness to this 'I cannot do otherwise'. They are the geniuses. Their 'I cannot do otherwise' is an infinite thought, for if one were to cling firmly to a finite thought, he would lose his mind.”

Erich Fromm - “Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his own personality.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Talent alone cannot make a writer. There must be a man behind the book; a personality which, by birth and quality, is pledged to the doctrines there set forth, and which exists to see and state things so, and not otherwise.”


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