Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It is GB's birthday today. He will deny it to the end, but he's feeling it. We went to dinner and a movie last night (which reminds me, if anyone asks to take you to "Van Helsing" do not think twice. Slap them. I left the theatre wanting to give Hugh Jackman money so he would never have to do a movie like that again.) Tonight we'll have dinner with my parents.

But GB's thing when he's feeling out of control in his life is to walk around, huffing at the messes in the house (which are half his, mind you) and doing little tasks that no person on the planet ever really does without a visit from the Queen. Polishing the television screen. Cleaning the ceiling fan blades. Mind you, the thought of cleaning out the bits of clothing from his military days (three years ago) or putting clothes inside the chests in the bedroom, and not on top of them, or the bed, or the couch in the living room... these things never enter his mind. But that television was in desparate need of a bath, right?

Mind you, I am not Mary Homemaker. I have never yet claimed to be. And he does a much better job of keeping up on chores than I do. I simply find it amusing that he has no idea his mood is so easily displayed on the end of a dust rag.

My neck is slightly stiff, and I'm trying to decide if that's from my very minor car accident last week. Friday afternoon I was taking a lunch break in the general vicinity of a yarn shop, and on my way to find a new one that had been recommended to me, I was rear ended. I knew it wasn't serious when my first thought was "MY CAR!!!" thinking how horrible it would be to have just gotten him back from and then have him out of commission from an accident. But no, there were only very minor scratches, and a dent GB discovered later but was able to pop right back into place. The impact was jarring, and hurt a bit, but I wasn't really injured, although I've had several people tell me it took them two or three weeks to feel the damage of an impact. So I can't decide if the stiffness in my neck and back are related to that, or just too much time at the computer, too much falling asleep on the couch in the afternoon... It makes me worry, if only because I don't want them to feel I'm trying to cheet them - I'm not. But I can't afford to pay for someone else's mistake, and while I don't intend to push non-issues, I also don't intend to let real issues slide by.

I have GB's gifts here at work with me, to wrap when he's not around, and I'm going to try my hardest to get a nap in this afternoon - I never seem to do it when I want to! Crab cakes at my parents (I love having my favorite on someone else's special day!) and lots of hugs for my old-er husband.

Thoughts for the Day:

Ogden Nash - “Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other never forgets them.”

Susan Brownell Anthony - “Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory.”


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