Friday, May 28, 2004

Okay, as if I haven't been worthless enough today! The wheel is on back order everywhere. I happened to call Woodland Woolworks to find out if there was a way to track the wheel once it came in. They said "oh, we're glad you called. We can't give you the competitors price and the half off the carry bag, so your actual total is ..." I asked them to hold, called The Woolery. They're on back order, too, but they'll give me the half price bag with the purchase of the wheel (not cuz I'm cute or anything, they just do) so now their price is about $15 less than Woodland Woolworks. I went back to Woodland, and asked them to cancel the order - explaining that their "we'll be the competition" price was costing $30 to save $15. I think I may take away some of those thumbs up there. Very friendly on the phone, responded to e-mails, but not the most logical when it comes to bargains!

BUT the order is place with The Woolery, and probably won't be here any sooner or later because of today's glitch, so everything should stay crossed that it gets in stock soon and comes home to me!


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