Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today was my half day at work. I had signed up for my Pilates classes before they extended my hours because the troll wasn't doing what he was supposed to do, but my boss was kind enough to tell me I could work however late I wanted to the rest of the week to balence out my leaving early on Thursdays. And things have been pretty crazy the past few weeks, with an especially whirlwind weekend, so I really needed that half day!

The Pilates was a great venting, push-all-the-bad-energy-out kind of thing. My body hurts all over right now... but better my body than my soul. GB is out of town tonight, which (as I told him) is a good thing because it means he won't be here laughing at me as I cry at the Friends finale. I barely watched it this season, and I'm certainly not a junkie, but I do fondly remember seeing the first episode ever, and laughing with it over the years, and I cry at all series finales anyway, so I'm sure many tears will be shed (seriously - I saw all of 3 Ally McBeal episodes in it's entire run, and bawlled like a baby at the finale. It's a twisted sickness).

I had crab cakes for lunch - of which I can never get enough, but good little WW girl that I am, I stopped myself at 2 (8 points total) and went off to knit, which I can't do while eating. And for the rest of the day, I'm going to be a bum.

Scheduled bumminess.

It's lovely, isn't it?

Just sitting in front of the tv, knitting. I might take a bubble bath later. I might take a nap. The point here is doing whatever I want, no rules. I'm well past due for a bit of soul rejuvenation.

Thoughts for the Day:

Theresa Watkins - “Finding what brings peace and joy to your heart is important after a hard day at work, or just living in our intense world. Walking through your garden at the end of the day can rejuvenate you. I wonder if God, Allah, Jehovah, Shiva, Gaia or whatever Supreme Being you have come to know, looks down on the Garden that He or She created with all the different varieties of life and 'oohs and aahs '? It is a curious thought, but I think so.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe - “Human beings, by change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.”


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