Friday, June 25, 2004

A friend on Knitters Review has asked about moving and how to pack her yarn. As a career in radio has caused me to move more than anyone should legally be allowed, I shared with her my expertise, and felt I should share with you as well.

1. Fill a LARGE box with yarn.
2. Place that box in a room with smaller boxes filled with books, lead weights, and elephants.
3. Ask your large, muscular helpers to carry one of the "little" boxes while you take "this one"
4. Be sure to stumble at least once, and maybe break a nail, if you can manage.

This way you're guaranteed to get to sit out a good portion of the moving process.

You're welcome.

And while we're basking in my brilliance, let me just point out that GB is legally married to me (I think - I never actually signed anything) and therefore you can't have him (I think - because of that whole signing thing).

I feel the need to say that because while I didn't actually like him very much last week, he's a pretty good guy all around, and has allowed me to turn him into a monster.

I offer this as proof. I sent a short e-mail to my darling (and might I add sexy) husband last night, entitled "On your way home, could you please stop by the store?" Now, I do realize that in some households that may be followed by a request for eggs, or milk, or kitty litter.

No, I was asking GB to swing by Cloverhill Yarn Shop to get some "cheap" fiber so that when DSS came up for the weekend, I could teach him how to spin, without worrying about my precious fiber that all has projects assigned already. I had called, they had plenty of the stuff that's less than a buck an ounce, and GB had been told color was no issue.

We already love GB enough for having sired a young man who is learning how to knit at his own request, and who also wants to play on his wicked stepmother's spinning wheel (we refer to ourselves as wicked stepmother exclusively OUT of DSS's range of hearing. In said range, we are to be known only as "world's greatest stepmother" He's cool, but let's not give him any ideas.)

Now we can love GB even more for coming home from the LYS (ahem, that's Local Yarn Shop for the yarn pagans who read this) with a sheepish look on his face.

The cheap stuff "didn't feel good."

My husband, the man of my dreams, my knight is shining armor, couldn't bring anything less than ten ounces of alpaca fiber for me.

That's right. I managed to go off my diet without breaking it. I have had my cake, and eaten it too, and gained 10 oz.

Do I need to state again that he's spoken for?

Thoughts for the Day:

John Heywood - “Would yee both eat your cake and have your cake?”

William Shakespeare - “Passion, I see, is catching.”


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