Thursday, June 24, 2004

I have done SO well with my fiber diet. Except for a brief lapse during which I bought some silk roving, I haven't bought any fiber since I started. Needles, sure, but who doesn't need more of them? And the lapse really shouldn't even count, since we'd gone to Springwater to play on their wheels, and we did for quite some time for free. It was sort of like I played on the wheels for some money, and got the silk for free, right? Oh yeah, and I just remembered I bought two pounds of a wool/mohair blend off e-bay. But I got it for a really good deal, I was low on spinning fiber (ignore the below quantities, honest, I was low...) and that'll make a lot, so really it was a matter of fiber efficiency. Smart shopping. Not weakness, strength.

In any event, I am on a self-imposed (self, since, in a momentary lapse of insanity, I had the good sense to marry a man who has actually not yet questioned why it is, with the literally 10 pounds of alpaca fiber, 4 pounds of other fibers, and well more than 37 pounds of yarn, I would possibly need to buy yarn) fiber diet. It was actually my own personal judgment that made me decide that perhaps I should focus more on the joy of playing with the fiber, and less on the expensive joy of buying it.

But then yesterday was a slow day at work (okay, it was mostly slow because I didn't feel like doing any of the stuff I should have been doing to catch up, and I am now, today, paying the price...) and so I set about reading the archives of The Yarn Harlot, who is quickly becoming a favorite daily read of mine.

And it is here that I discovered something that requires me to break my fiber diet. Yes, I said requires. Possibly upon penalty of death, certainly upon penalty of further eye drooling. It's this:

For the uninformed, that's Lorna's Laces sock yarn... and the color name?  Posted by Hello

Wait for it....


Oh, yes, it will be mine.

I'm thinking that the socks will be done is a bastardized version of this pattern, modeled by the Harlot's husband, Joe:
Posted by Hello

Bastardized not because there is anything at all wrong with these socks - I really think they're fantastic - but because I don't believe in patterns. That's silly. Of course I believe in patterns. I mean, it's not like you who follow patterns have to go around clapping your hands like you're trying to keep Tinkerbell alive or anything. I just don't like them. Nothing personal.

(By the way, those two photographs were on the Harlot's blog first, and I take no credit for them at all. In fact, Stephanie, if you take offense at my humble pilfering, please feel free to ask me to remove them, and I will. Before you do so, I'd just like to point out that not only do I know where Maryland is, I live just around the corner from the fairgrounds that host the Sheep and Wool Festival, and you are welcome to come visit me the first weekend of May next year.)

Thoughts for the Day:

Dave Barry - I have always dressed according to certain Basic Guy Fashion Rules, including: * Both of your socks should always be the same color, * Or they should at least both be fairly dark.


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