Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I may just have to change this blog to exclusive comments on my horoscope. Case in point: The Moon is new in your opposite sign. That is your first clear clue about whose in charge. Not you! You are either being pushed or pulled. You are clearly having to comply with various insistent requests and demands. You don't feel especially pleased about this. You like to write your own script and run your own show. But don't grow too resentful, the astrological influences are benign. The pressures that you face are designed to help you do as well as you possibly can in a tricky situation. A lack of autonomy is a small price to pay for a big breakthrough.

Okay, so I'm dying to know what this huge breakthrough will be, as I've already been told to stroke yet another impotent male's ego (seriously, you'd think this was a whorehouse, not a radio station) to cover for his own incompetance. Whew... "write your own script and run your own show" THAT sure doesn't sound like he's talking to a radio personality with a theater background, does it?

Actually, I'm really disliking most men today. Quite a few women, too, now that I think about it. But men especially.

Must be something in the water. The air. Some pollution some MAN put into the atmosphere.

I'll work my little twelve hour day here, and take my dog for a nice long walk tonight.


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