Wednesday, June 09, 2004

So many people are talking about their blogging processes today! Slow down that bandwagon, I'm jumping on! (it wasn't my plan, but it did get me to thinkin...)

I've only been blogging for just barely over two months now, and I must say I completely empathize with Em as far as checking those comments. What can I say, I'm a theatre gal... I need that feedback!

I started it because I saw it as an outlet... A chance to vent and keep myself producing verbal creativity when I wasn't on the radio. It's not "morning pages" for me (although ironically I was just this morning thinking that I should try to do them again. Last time I did them I was doing the morning show on a radio station and working a part-time job as well, and that half hour earlier just about killed me...) but it is a chance to put thoughts down (for example, why, on the label of the wastebasket in the ladies room at the station, does it say "This can does not come with a lid. Will not scratch or dent. Noiseless." Noiseless? Do people often complain about the noise of their wastebaskets that this is a huge selling point?), and a reason to force myself to write even when I'm not feeling creative. It also allows me to vent without ending my new marriage over mindless complaining!

Someone on Knitters Review was interviewed for a paper where she lives (forgive me, I think it was Australia?) and asked to talk about knitting and websites. She asked us for imput on what she should say, and I responded that I thought it was such an amazing quality that we were able to tie the old to new so perfectly. Knitting has been around for centuries - millenia, maybe - and is something nearly every culture has in common as a method for forming fabric. The motions of the hands may be different, patterns may show a cultural flair, but in the end it comes down to knit and purl. And using the web, we can learn about knitters all over the world, of all different class systems, backgrounds and cultures, all tied together... well, by yarn.

Some of the blogs I regularly visit are friends - Bess, Jen, Heather, Christina, Eileen... I have faces and voices to go with their words. Catherine, Em, Gail... Never met 'em. But I'd like to think I can put them in the "friends" column too. Because we have an amazing connection by way of knitting...

It's a process that amazes me.
Thoughts for the Day:

Mary Caroline Richards - It is part of our pedagogy to teach the operations of thinking, feeling, and willing so that they may be made conscious. For if we do not know the difference between an emotion and a thought, we will know very little ... We need to understand the components (of emotions) at work ... in order to free their hold.


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