Thursday, June 17, 2004

Tee Hee - here it is for today:
You have excellent judgement and wisdom. That's what I keep telling people!
You are, though, still human. You can make the occasional mistake. shhhhhh....
When you do, it has an impact that only rarity value can create. Dogs, for example, often make ungainly moves. Cats hardly ever lose their poise. We are all a little taken aback when they do. this guy doesn't live with my cats, but I get the point
You are reeling now, from a recent apparent misjudgement. You fear you are in danger of making another. Actually though, the fact that you have just been wrong makes it all the more unlikely that you will be so again. okay, not exactly sure what I'm reeling from, but I'm showing GB this part about me not making mistakes anymore!


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