Monday, July 26, 2004

I had a lovely, peaceful, happy weekend... Stargazing

GB is still in Boston, which meant I missed him, but enjoyed a bit of freedom as well. My goal is to walk Oscar at least one mile a day, but Friday night when we went for a walk, it started thundering as soon as we stepped out of the car. We saw two large dogs - a yellow lab about Oscar's size, and a mix that looked to be part elephant. Actually, he was a beautiful dog, perhaps part Bermese Mountain, but clearly a mix of several breeds. The three dogs sniffed each other calmly, and Oscar very quickly grew bored with them, and even while I was still talking to their owner, he was ready to go for our walk. I was quite pleased at this, since I want him to have as many experiences with other dogs that involve seeing, not getting excited, and then moving on, so that another dog is soon nothing to even bat an eye at. We went on the walk, and the thunder was getting louder and closer, so I decided rather than get stuck in a downpour, we'd cut the walk short. We still did about three-quarters of a mile before we got back to the car.

Walking The Dog Male

In the morning, I called my parents, and we went over to their house for a walk. We went to some of the bike paths back in the woods not far from them, and my dad ran back and forth with Oscar like a two-year-old. We ended up going 2.7 miles then, so I feel my shortcomings Friday were made up. I would have even liked to go further, but often my calves start cramping up, and it's quite painful. I was a dancer, I know about stretching. Doesn't seem to help.

Then I was shown a new-to-me yarn shop about half an hour from me, Leslie Solomon's Woolstock. It was quite lovely, if understaffed, and I bought a row counter, although I really want the curvy pink one I've seen, I just can't seem to find it anymore... I also bought some nice yarn for my secret pal, and literally, a ball of Aslan-colored mohair jumped into my basket - I didn't even touch it! - so I took that too. I'm hoping if I make a small blanket for Aslan, he'll cuddle with that instead of stealing my mohair WIPs... Normally he's very well behaved, but something about mohair makes him forget his manners. Even as I was knitting a little on it, he was kneading the ball. I got a few inches done, put it aside, and he spent the rest of the night sleeping on it.

After Woolstock, we went to Clover Hill, right around the corner from me. I didn't buy anything there (restraint beyond belief) but ran into a little girl learning to knit. She'd gotten the first few stitches, gone home, and forgotten it all. Her mother didn't knit at all, so they decided the best thing to do was to go back to Clover Hill, plop down on the floor, so when they needed help, it was there. I chatted with her a bit, and a few minutes after I'd moved on, she came running around the corner asking for help. I came back, and saw that she'd dropped one stitch, and double wrapped another. I explained that the double wrap is called a "Yarn Over" and is an advanced move, so she was clearly going to be a great knitter if she was doing things like this already! (sure, we all do it when we start, but she seemed proud) She was knitting a scarf for her father for Christmas, and after I fixed those two stitches, I put another row on so she'd have solid ground, and we chatted a bit more. What a great gift for her father, and how sweet of her mother to encourage her daughter so much that she was willing to sit on a floor in a shop for a hobby that wasn't even hers....

Sunday was all me... I slept late, played with the boys, rented two girly movies that I knew I would never see with GB around. I knit, I spun some, but wasn't enjoying the wool/mohair - more predrafting than I was in the mood to do - so I spun up the last of the superwash merino from Jen. I also made a swatch using a pattern that claimed to be for plaid. The swatch looks great - it's 8x8 inches, and is very funky. It is NOT, however, plaid. So hmm... I'll try to find another tartan plaid pattern, and try again with this yarn... I must say I do get a kick out of the orange, pink, and yellow all together. Too day-glo to wear, but a very fun, sunny, cheery combination nonetheless.

When GB gets back we've decided we'll go see The Village for "Date Night". I think M. Night Shyamalan is brilliant, and really enjoy his work, and him, in the few interviews I've seen of him. And I see the movie is the cover article in Entertainment Weekly this week, so I'll read that in a few minutes. I read an article that says he's got one more "secret" movie in the works, but he also plans on doing a movie version of The Life of Pi, which I happen to be "listening to" right now - started it last week. It's really quite interesting, and a pleasant book so far, and the character is from the town Night was born in.... In thoughts of The Village, I watched The Sixth Sense again last night, and wandered off to bed with the boys, sleeping soundly.


This morning, I woke happily, and called up Jeff to sing to him on the air. I did a Marilyn Monroe impression - a very breathy "sexy" version of "Happy Birthday" and when we finished with that, another dear friend from NY had heard, called the station, and we talked on conference phone for a few minutes - not long enough - with me making snide comments into Jeff's headphones so he laughed on the air. Payback for all the times he did it to me!

So it was a lovely few days... and now I'm back to work. Alright... I'm ready for it, or at least a few days of it.... I'll be ready for another weekend by about 3pm tomorrow, I'm sure...

Thoughts for the Day:

Steven Wright - “There aren't enough days in the weekend.”

Proverb - “A good rest is half the work.”


Blogger caramelknits said...

Glad that you had a great weekend. I did my exercises too, so I suppose the exercise-along is going well (even if it's not official).

Back to another week!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I also did some exercise this weekend...that was after all the fatty Greek Food, though!! Don't you love it when you have so much time on your hands and you don't have to worry about someone else complaining about you knitting or doing something you want to do (even if we end up missing them in the end)?

11:14 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hey there! My new dog is obsessed with mohair! She won't let me knit with it, she tries to steal the skein or the work on the needles. But nothing else, I could work on acrylic all day and she wouldn't care. Maybe she thinks its a little green dog. Who knows...

7:39 PM  

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