Monday, July 19, 2004

My penance for buying yarn before ending my fiber diet was that I wasn't allowed to spin again until my Cotton Fleece tank top was completed. 
Guess what?

It's DONE! Posted by Hello
I didn't spin a lick Saturday - and I FINISHED THE FREAKIN TANK TOP!!!

Here's a closer pre-blocking shot of the aran cable, where it splits for the cables up the neckline, plus the seed stitch edging.

It took about two and a half skeins of Cotton Fleece to make, and I got them cheap off e-bay! Posted by Hello
Plus, I really want to get moving on some of those other items, so I got a good deal done on the scarf I'm making from the silk I spun the other day. 

Lovely - even if I am biased! Posted by Hello Unfortunately, I was more than halfway through spinning the silk when I read an article that said that silk puffs up a great deal after being spun, which meant the yarn I spun ended up much bulkier than my original intent.  So there's a lot less of it, and the scarf isn't going to be as long as I'd hoped.

This much only took about an hour... Posted by Hello   I'm thinking I'll get some cream or white silk and alternate stripes, or something like that, to add bulk.  Maybe do it in the multi-directional scarf pattern from Threadbear so that it's actually triangles of color... we'll see.  I want it to be perfect and beautiful, as it's for a very cherished soul in my life, so I may scrap what I've got and start over with something new. 
GB is in Boston for work now, which means the next few days I'll be engourging myself on the Patsy Z videos I borrowed from Bess. 
I spun up some more of the superwash merino from Jen - this stuff is to die for.  I really think the next fiber I buy will be more of this from her.  It just takes my breath away, and everytime I move to another fiber and then go back to this, it washes over me again how talented this woman is!!  I just sent her an e-mail requesting some special colors, but it doesn't count as breaking my diet, because I really don't want her to rush at all, my request should be way low on her priorities, so I might possibly be off my diet by the time she can get around to it.  What I spun up this weekend was a bright pink, and I'm going to try to learn tartan by doing an 8" square of that plaided (? made into a plaid-like pattern) with a rich orange and bright yellow.  Fun, sunny colors...  If the plaid works, I think Oscar might get a tartan felted jacket for winter.  He's got such a short coat, and it's harder to be scared of a dog in clothes.  Not that anyone who's ever actually met him has been scared of him.
I did start spinning a blend I bought of e-bay called "Prairie Fire" or something like that.  It's mostly red wool, blended with some black wool and a little white mohair.  Tricky to spin, and will require some extra predrafting (I'll try to take some pics of that, too, but it involves buying a disposable camera and taking a ton of shots,so it might be a while...)  The singles from that look lovely, and I think it'll be lovely as a yarn and sweater...
It's amazing to watch these everyday items move through all the various steps of their creation!

Thoughts for the Day:
Eleanor Roosevelt - “It is our freedom to progress that makes us all want to live and to go on.”
Francis Vincent “Frank” Zappa, Jr. - “Without deviation, progress is not possible.”


Blogger Kimberly said...

The green tank is really pretty. I've always loved cables.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your tank looks fabulous.I love the cable. Great job!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

I love the tank. Very nice.

12:22 PM  

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