Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What a morning! The part-timer is off today and tomorrow, so I had to do his morning shift in addition to my own (since PTB apparantly don't realize that maybe hiring more than one and a half people to run a radio station might be a good idea.) It means two loooong days in a row, from 6 am to after 6 pm, and I technically don't get lunch breaks because of things going on here at various times during the day, but I can sometimes sneak out for a few minutes between 2 and 3.

I had the alarm set for 4:50. That usually makes some people flinch, but I am actually a morning person by nature (though you wouldn't know it lately) so waking up around 5 generally isn't all that difficult for me. I took care of what I needed to, and went to bed last night, double checking the alarm before I got into bed. This morning, Trevor meowed gently in my ear, I stretched luxuriously, and rolled over to look at the silent clock.


In a mad dash, which included happening on some underwear, a skirt and top that actually coordinate, throwing the dog outside (I think I managed to latch his rope) and grabbing the silk for the scarf I'm working on, I was out the door and down the road.

That's right. Grab the silk. Food? Nope. Drink? Naw. A shower that would freshen and refreshen me? No time. But silk? I had my priorities straight.

Last night I didn't spin at all, mostly because I decided I needed to knit exclusively for a while. I ripped both the wool/angora/alpaca homespun hat I'd been knitting, and the silk scarf, deciding that part of why I wasn't working on them was I wasn't happy with the results. Must've been true, I tried something else with the hat, and finished it! I think it looks really cute. It's a tiny bit smaller than I'd like, but I'm limited on yarn for it, so I've got it stuffed with blankets and stretching to see if that helps. It looks adorable, and is softer than you could believe. It'll be nice and warm, too... I'll try to get a disposable camera today and get some pictures of it up soon. If not, I'll definitely get some once the digital camera (and GB) are back in the state.

I also knit a small swatch of the White Buffalo to sample felt. I'm working on a huge bag out of it, and boy, am I glad I test-felted! I have a strap and a half done, and was going to do the body in a tartan pattern maybe, but this stuff furs up like crazy when felted. You would think they would warn you about fur like this. I put a swatch into the washer and pulled out a muppet. So no fancy design for this bag - I'll do simple stripes, maybe go as exotic as a zig-zag, and take a razor to the bag when it's felted.

Meanwhile, here I am knitting on the silk, and just not happy. I think it's time to frog. It's not working for what I want for that special gift. My fault, but forgivable - it's just not spun right for a super thin scarf, too bulky... So this gets the heave-ho, and onto some other project (goodness knows I have plenty of others!) while I think about what I want that gift to be.

Thoughts for the Day:

Robert Frost - “There's absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush. Everybody should be free to go very slow.... What you want, what you're hanging around in the world waiting for, is for something to occur to you.”

Kahlil Gibran - “Happiness is a myth we seek, If manifested surely irks; Like river speeding to the plain, On its arrival slows and murks. For man is happy only in His aspiration to the heights; When he attains his goal, he cools And longs for other distant flights.”


Blogger caramelknits said...

Thank God I didn't have any coffee in my mouth when I read about the swatch-turned-muppet! That was hilarious! Can't wait to see pictures of the hat, but get some rest after those crazy-long days first! :)

12:15 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Don't you hate it when you swear you set the alarm and it doesn't go off? It is never our fault, the alarm must not be working correctly...

I'm interested in seeing that muppet! Who does it closer resemble?

2:03 PM  

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