Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Allergies are kicking my butt something fierce. On top of all the dust the boys managed to kick up here at work, I kicked up a fair amount in my big cleaning frenzy this weekend at home, and the weather is bouncing back and forth between early fall and true August weather, migraines are pretty much taking me out and roughing me up.

So rather than attempt to impart any deep philosophical wisdom, I will invest my energies into NOT killing my co-worker, who is apparantly bored, and also loud. This is taking a great deal of effort on my part, and has also caused me to religiously chant the ancient sanskrit meditation "heznottabadguy" repeatedly in the hopes it will sooth my nerves. Honestly, not so much.

And so I leave you with various Works In Progress:

Here's one strap of a White Buffalo bag that will be felted. The bag will be HUGE, and probably need a good shave, as a test swatch prooved to be quite fuzzy. The other strap is nearly half done, and then I'll move onto the body, which will be a giant rectangle joined onto the bottom (larger) section of the straps, which a big flap to fold over. If you can't tell, the straps are a dark green, and the main body will be dark green, navy, with lighter blue accents. Posted by Hello

This is the rediculously easy Critter blanket I'm knitting with Tahki Ravello. I don't know if you can see the checkerboard pattern in the pic, but it's there. I bought the yarn on Elann, who called this color something yummy like "Burnt Orange" This is not burnt orange, this is "Great Pumpkin" orange (at least it would be if I named it.) So I'm not a fan of the color, although now that I type that I realize it perfectly matches the sweater I'm wearing now. It apparantly just wasn't what I expected. And the yarn is odd - it feels kind of plastic-y on the ball, though it does knit up much softer, and has a pretty cool look to it. It's just not at all what I expected. So I set about making a Critter blanket with it, and find myself very uncommitted. I have another 16 balls of this stuff at home, I think, and if anyone's interested, I'd be glad to sell it... hmmm... Maybe $50 and free shipping? That's $3 something a ball. OBO, how 'bout that? Drop me a line if you're interested... I'll double check how many balls I have and the yardage and all that. Posted by Hello

And here we have the shawl that I may finally begin to work on again. This was the reason I figured out that Aslan has an issue with mohair, because everytime I tried to work on this at home, this cat with impeccable manners would grab the ball of mohair and run. The darker green is wool, the multicolor (which actually looks invisible in the photo) is mohair. It's really really beautiful, and very simple to work on (and actually is triangular, it's just curved around the back of my office chair). I was inspired by the mohair at Barbara Gentry's shop Stoney Mountain Fibers and couldn't afford a full shawl worth, so I got the wool to go along, and have been sort of winging it in a double-wrap drop-stitch type pattern. The poor shawl has been living in the trunk of my car since giving up on knitting it when Aslan was withing striking distance, but now that he's got his own blanket, I may give it another shot. Posted by Hello

So there we have it. And my head is throbbing, and I'm pooped, so I'm just going to curl up under my desk and rock back and forth in the fetal position for a while, so you go ahead and discuss these few pathetic WIPs amongst yourselves. The sad thing is there are plenty more WIPs at home, taking over my life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heather know I love the RAH-VELLLLLLLLOOOOOO...I just dont know waht the h-e-double hockey sticks to make with it.

if anything can help, chanting ancient sanscrit will...or the one phrase I repeat to myself when my ex-boss drives me insane is:

"in the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher" followed by "iwillnotgougehiseyesout"

love the many green wips, so little time!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Knittens said...

Hey Amie!

Thanks for stopping by! If you decide to go to the knit out, let me know, we can definitely meet for lunch!

Your WIPs look great! Keep knitting up a storm!

I hope you feel better, about 2 times a year I have some pretty bad allergies, and my hubby gets frequent attacks. Not fun at all, I understand how crappy it can make you feel!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amie, I feel your pain - literally. I have had 2 migraines this week, one at home, and one here at work. I closed the office door (I had time between OR cases) and turned out the lights, took my Imitrex and hoped it would go away before the barfing started. It did, thank goodness.
Why don't mean people ever seem to get migraines?

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amie, for some reason, your last couple of posts had some strange graphics covering the text on my monitor. So, I missed half your thoughts for the day. :-(


8:46 PM  

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