Thursday, August 05, 2004

Depending on the other chaos going on here at work (it's a construction zone again!) I may have another post later, but for now, by request, it's my lovely boys.

This is what happens when Mom says "no" to Oscar and Oscar doesn't immediately back off.

When cats attack Posted by Hello

This is the bag of fiber that Aslan opened up to feed his mohair obsession. The red and black are wool, the white is mohair, and it spins up beautifully, although tricky to spin.

look what I found! Posted by Hello

It spins up looking a little something like this:

It's blurry cuz it tried to run.... Posted by Hello

Here we see the Aslan-colored mohair that lept into my bag at Woolstock. It's now a tiny finished blanket, but this is what happened everytime I tried to work on it with Aslan around:

MY mohair Posted by Hello

And because Aslan's not the only cutie who lives with me, another shot of Trevor.

Model behavior Posted by Hello

More pics tomorrow!


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