Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm such a silly proud mama.
Cat 10
Aslan has been dreadfully bothered by fleas. He's normally got longish, thick, lovely hair, and now you can see his back through his fur from his shoulders on back. It's really quite odd, as neither Trevor nor Oscar seems very bothered (although Oscar has been chewing at his tail a bit, Trevor has no reaction whatsoever) But my poor sweet Aslan is apparantly very allergic on top of being bitten, and is just covered in painful scabby bites. I didn't even see any fleas or flea dirt, just the bumps and wounds. I called one vet, who said he might be having a reaction to the flea collar, and suggested I take that off. I tried that, and within 24 hours could see several fleas munching away on my baby, and he became very lethargic. It's been too recently since my Misha passed away (although I doubt I'll ever really recover from that heartbreak) and seeing him obviously not feeling well set me into an emotional panic. My mind kept leaping to the worst possibly conclusion, even though I knew the odds of it getting that serious were less than slim-to-none.

So back on with the flea collar (which did get him feeling much better) and he had a doctor's appointment this morning.
I was worried about him in the car, because I know (but can't proove) that he was left behind in a move once, and he's been very nervous about all the boxes around from the great clean sweep I did last week, but GB took him (sneakily plotted by me so that I wouldn't be the one fielding any grudges) and just called with an update about how things went. He's fine, got a little shot to ease the pain while he healed up, and some new flea meds. We'll be treating the other boys as well, and bombing the house several times to get rid of them all. But the news that made me mist up with pride was GB telling me that the vet complimented Aslan on his behavior, and said he was a very sweet little boy.

It's not as though I had anything to do with his sweetness. Clearly we don't share genetics, and I've only had him for about 1/5 of his life, but still, I'm proud of my little boy.
In Love

Oh, right, this is a knitting blog. Okay, so I found the rest of the Follies yarn (which had gotten put away - who does that???? - with some other boxes of yarn) and was able to finish the left front side, and cast on the right. But after the first row of the right front, I think I may have ended up with the wrong amount of stitches, so I'll have to re-read the pattern, and recount the stitches that I already counted three times.... but once that's settled, it gets into a repeat pretty quickly so I imagine I'll be zipping along in no time... Can't wait to get to it with my soon-to-be-feeling-better little guy beside me like normal!


Blogger Maureen said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better. I have been through that in the past. I loved your story about the chicken drinking the Brandy. My husband roared when I told him.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Isn't funny how we get so worried about our little pets and they seems to bounce back? I hope the little guy is feeling better soon!! And I'm glad you found your missing yarn--at least you know now that you did have it and were not going crazy.... :-)

7:42 AM  

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