Friday, August 20, 2004

It's Friday. DSS came home from a trip to see my FIL last night, and we usually get him on Friday, not Thursday, so I was up late watching the Olympics when it suddenly occurred to me I would have to come into work today.
I am more than ready for the weekend, as I have a wonderful day planned, spent out in "the country" with friends. It feels so much more like living when it isn't done with neighbors right on top of each other, gazing into their windows (intentionally or otherwise). Sunday GB and I will double date with my parents, as he and I want to see The Village again, and they haven't seen it yet. Today GB and DSS are at Six Flags, riding roller coasters and generally being "boys" without even a hint of guilt at my coming back into this place. I feel slightly better knowing today is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer, but then again, they are boys, so on top of my "serves 'em right" feeling is the knowlege that they'll both be dehydrated by now.

And sadly, that has nearly completely summed up my life so far. Aslan is home, but apparantly bitter about being taken to the doctor. Dispite the rave reviews of his behavior there, he has found a new hiding place in the house that took us three hours to discover, and keeps going back there whenever pulled out. I didn't even knit, as it's tough to do that when you're paying attention to gymnastics!

So since my life is so depressingly boring right now, I'll tell you a little story to entertain you for the weekend:

You see, I had a dream the other night that I was walking through some woods. I could hear the hoot of an owl, the fluttering of leaves and wings, and all kinds of lovely noises one hears in nature. I was walking carefully, picking my way through the brush, when I noticed a trail of ants, making their way purposefully, deeper into the woods.

As I followed them into the brambles, I realized they were headed towards a snuffling, grumbling noise. Wondering what it was, and why on earth ants would go closer to such a thing, I followed timidly, and burst into laughter when I discovered that silly noise was a pig, munching away on a pile of vegetables.

No doubt the ants wanted in on that action!

Something small and light-weight landed briefly on my cheek, and then launched off into the woods before I could see what it was, rather than just catching the motion from the corner of my eye. Then, motion again, and this time I caught the blurried view of a beautiful, ruby-colored hummingbird.

I followed it quietly, until the sound of running water caught my attention. I turned slightly towards the gurgling, and saw a beautiful burn, glittering in the sunlight. A turtle was waving its flippers playfully in the shallow edge, looking quite as if it was waving at me.

I laughed at that, and a glimmer of gold caught my eye further into the pool of water... How could that be? Here, in this small body of water, deep in the middle of the woods... But it sure looked like... yes. An adorable, tiny octopus!

Just then, my attention was caught once again my something landing gently on my cheek, and vanishing again. Certain this time that it wasn't the hummingbird, I gave my little water-friends one last gaze and bid them fairwell, venturing off into the woods again. And it was wings that distracted me again -- this time, the owl that I had heard hooting earlier, sweeping casually through the branches.

It was just after the owl was no longer in sight that I heard an all too familiar sound - an angry cat. As quietly as I could, I followed that noise, which was quickly overridden by another, loud, foreign, almost trumpet... There was the cat, looking every bit as angry as he'd sounded.

It seems he'd been following his little feline instincts and chasing prey. Unfortunately, he'd chased the prey into the line of danger for himself, to a degree. For when I reached the small clearing where he stood, back fully arched, tail lashing back and forth furiously, I saw a small mouse, no doubt his prey.

But it was just beyond this mouse where lay the danger for the cat. Or so I thought at first. It soon became clear that the frightening trumpeting noise I'd heard earlier was not rooted in violence, but in fear. Not fear of the cat, but of the mouse. For there, in the clearing, wide-eyed and hollaring, was a gigantic elephant, on whose toes had just "trampled" the silly mouse!

It must have been the shock of that that awakened me, as I woke up laughing at my silly dream. But just then, still giggling, still wiping the sleep from my eyes, I felt the now familiar flitter against my cheek, and this time was able to turn fast enough to see what it was that had been landing on me...


Blogger wenders said...

Play With Your Food is one of my favorite things EVER. I have the calendar at work, and I like to think it makes people think twice about what I am really like (I have a wonky sense of humor that doesn't get to come out much at work...)

3:38 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

That is soooo funny! Thanks for sharing it.

3:43 PM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

Amie, I die when I see these food photos. They make me laugh anytime that I spy one. Thanks for the laugh :)

12:23 PM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

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12:23 PM  

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