Thursday, August 12, 2004

Okay, I checked on the Tahki Ravello I'm selling. Again, I'm asking $50 OBO, free shipping, and here's what you'll get:
16 50-gram balls, 103 yds each,
Recommended gauge 4.5 sts/in on US 8,
45% cotton, 35%polyethelene, 20% viscose

Let me know if anyone's interested!


Blogger mayflwr said...

oh yay! i found u!! after a little detective work I finally tracked down your site =)Before I did, I replied on my site..


i can't find you! (or your site that is!) I do remember visiting it at one point another, so hopefully you'll check back here and leave me your url!

i used schachenmayr micro, from elann. It's a FABULOUS microfiber, very soft, though it does have some splittage issues. I bought it from elann..ooh here's the direct link

it's super affordable, and it feels great! the color i used isn't in stock anymore, but there is still a nice medium/dark green in stock!

thanks 4 stoppingby!!

12:09 PM  

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