Thursday, August 26, 2004

Today's post is brought to you by 80's hair band WhiteSnake.

"Here I go again, on my own..."

GB's trip to the GOP Convention got bumped up a day, so he left with little warning this morning, instead of tomorrow. Which made us both very grateful we'd chosen yesterday to bomb the house. We went to dinner while the house was airing out, and the waiter called me "sweetheart".

Now, any woman is used to those little "sweetie" "baby" "honey"s that we get. Most of us dislike them, though they can be quite endearing in the right context.

This, a man around my age or younger, who had shown no personality of his own, or developed a rapport with me at all, had not chosen the right context. I thought GB's head was going to explode. Instead, he left a small tip and a note along with it that "sweetheart" might have been a wee bit inappropriate.

On the way back, we stopped at my parents to pick up Trevor and Aslan. Trevor went back into the crate for GB with little difficulty, and I put Aslan on the leash, then GB took Trevor in his car, and I took Aslan in mine. And there began the Amie/Aslan Medley of Showtunes.

It went very much like this:

Pigtails There were bells
Cat 10Raow.
Pigtails On the Hills
Cat 10 Raow.
PigtailsBut I never heard them singing
Cat 10Reeeoww
PigtailsNo I never heard them at all
Cat 10Raow.
PigtailsTill there was you.....
Cat 10MMMmeeeeeooooowwwww....

I knit a whopping 2 rows on my sweater, and they were short rows, too, maybe 30 stitches total. My hand is feeling much better, so I think I'll start on my lace hat tonight, using a modification of the pattern for the Wavy Lace socks in Interweave Knits (I think) Summer 2004. I'm finding that doing the front half of the Follies sweater by picking up the stitches is effective, and relatively quick, but not FUN. So I'm going to do the "force myself to knit on it for 15 minutes" and then let myself play on something fun. I also think the red merino-angora in yesterday's picture will become a hat and mittens for myself. I'm picturing lots of cables.

And since GB is gone now, I'll try to finish up another roll on the disposable camera, and maybe have more pictures up in the next few days... I swear, I'm really close to giving in and buying cheap coffee or whatever to get one of those free digital cameras that I.B. Huge is trying to sell me in spam....


Blogger Amanda said...

Isn't there a cheap camera at Walgreen's for like $10 that has free developing for life? If it breaks, buy a new one type of thing?

I'm glad your hand is feeling better. We bought one of those leashes for Yoda and I can see where you would grab the leash...

12:30 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

It just so happens that I have a cheapo digital camera here that could use a new home. I bought a new camera for STF web photos ... this cheap one is okay but not good enough for my site photos. It just doesn't like to recognize the color red (comes out brown or purple or some other strange aberration). But, for most other colors, it works fine.

Want it? I'll mail it to you if you do. Lemme know.



2:27 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Okay - I laughed hysterically when I read this...especially in light of your comment on my blog, and the fact that I ALWAYS used to sing with my kitties (and one of my cats would try and stick her head in my mouth like - where's that RACKET coming from?).

I'm glad to hear your hand is feeling better!

7:15 AM  

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