Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Trevor and Aslan went to a kitty day spa for today. Okay, not really. They went to grandma and grandpa's house. With very vocal complaints. It's amazing how a 15 minute drive that you take regularly can suddenly seem to take three hours when there are two cats voicing their discontent in your ear the whole time.
Cat 10Cat 7
We're flea bombing the house. You have no idea the joy it gives my husband to be able to lay claim to bombing our house.
But that's what we're doing, and it takes three hours for the fog to clear, so Oscar will be outside as usual, the fish will be covered carefully, and Trevor and Aslan are visiting their grandparents for the day.
Buggie 2
Trevor, despite his reputation for being a bit of a rapscallion, will walk right into a cat carrier on command. However, he's unhappy in the car unless he's in mom's lap. When he was a wee little kitten, he got into the carrier and I didn't perform any security checks first. You can't tell me he wasn't packing a file, because I don't see how a two-month old kitten could break out of a cat carrier, but he did. So I learned then that the best way to travel with him in peace is to put a little harness on him, tie that to the back seat so he had access to most of the car, but not the floor of the front seat. With this method, he spends most of the ride in my lap, dozing, and a small portion on the back dash, growling and hissing at the cars who pull up too close behind us (to their great amusement). But we couldn't find his harness this morning, just the leash. And since Aslan is far more docile, we decided that Aslan would have the leash attached to his collar, Trevor would go in the cat carrier, and I would drive to my parents' while GB set off the bombs, after carefully covering the fish tank, which I've just now realized I forgot to remind him to do... oh, dear...
In any event, hopefully, we'll get home to a house free of little critters that make Aslan sick.

We also got a new leash for Oscar (lots of furry people news, but not so much knitting, you say? Watch how I tie this together into a little bundle of knitting blog). It's one of those that extends out many feet, but can be held short if you push a button. He quite likes it, as do I, although I'm not used to it just yet, and when I went to take Oscar out this morning, he took off the step at high speed, and I went to grab the leash to stop him. This was silly. I should not have grabbed the leash, I should have pushed the button. Well, now I know that my self-preservation instincts are not as strong as my dog-preservation instincts, because as I stood on the step, feeling for all the world as if someone was slicing my hand in half, it took a good 20 seconds before I remembered the button, and was able to stop Oscar. I realize now he wasn't going full-speed, or we both would have been a mile away in that amount of time, but nevertheless, I am typing this now with grooves in my fingers where the skin was literally burned off my the friction of the leash. Which means that knitting and spinning will be quite difficult tonight! (see, told you I'd bring fiber into it!)

So I'll show you pictures of what I won't be working on tonight, while my hand heals. Maybe I'll practice button pushing in the meantime, so that I can stop the dog before losing skin. Wasn't his fault - when a guy's gotta go, a guy's gotta go!

But in the meantime, I probably won't be working on the Follies sweater, on which I'm about halfway up picking up stitches along the front...

Note the adorable furry knees at the bottom of the photo... 

It's likely I won't do more on this bobbin of merino/silk, that's close to lace weight.

I doubt I'll be able to start work on the lace hat I'd like to make with this, handspun from Jen's superwash dyed and an undyed superwash.

And I almost definitely won't start work on this, which I dyed myself at Jen's last weekend.

The red is Merino/Angora, the green/gold/red is some of the Merino Silk (there's another braid of all green Merino Silk)


Blogger Lauren said...

Great dye jobs! :) You have beautiful stuff! I look forward to meeting you at KnitKnite!

5:08 PM  
Blogger itgirl said...

Love the stuff you dyed yourself! I've never gotten up to doing it, I guess I always have too many works in progress to dye anything.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Ooh, beautiful spinning and dyeing.You're a natural! Hope that hand heals soon.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

I did the exact same thing with the retractible leash when we first bought it for my late cocker spaniel rosie! It does take some getting used to. I am also crossing my fingers for the widdle fishies :')

9:24 PM  
Blogger caroline said...

I love your blog! where do you get those amazing animated figures? or do you make them yourself?
I'm kinda new to blogging and would love to lively up my blog with something like that..
all the best...

11:35 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

I hope your hand is feeling better! Those kinds of burns hurt sooo badly. Your pictures were fabulous though, and I can see why you would be anxious to get back to your spinning and dyeing and knitting!

I wish you a flea-free house!

7:26 AM  

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