Monday, August 23, 2004

What a fun weekend!

My beloved husband, who is about 5% jerk, 90% really, really good guy, and 5% saint, kicked that 5% saint right into gear and took me shopping Friday night.
ALL new under garments. I can literally throw everything else out, and start life anew. Is there a woman on the planet who doesn't want to do that? I get to!

Also Friday night, I got a package from Shelia, who sent me some superwash merino to spin. I had asked on Knitters Review for a good source for superwash, since I'd bought those two ounces of it from Jen in a beautiful colorway, and thought I'd ply the single from that with a simple white, which would give me enough for a hat. I'd asked for two oz, but I think Shelia gave me three, because I have nearly half again as much white left over. But it was SO sweet of her to send it, and I really do like the stuff, so I may end up getting more and returning her favor... The finished yarn is just lovely, and I took it with me, still dripping from setting the twist, when the fellas and I went to spend the day playing with Bess. She praised it highly, and I was quite please with it as well. It'll make a beautiful lace hat, if I can find the stitch pattern I'm thinking of using. I'll try to have some pics up tomorrow, if GB remembers to bring the camera home from the office.

We had a wonderful day, all of us. When we got there, we found other friends, including two boys just DSS's age, so he went off to play with them, fishing and chasing things and generally being 12. GB spent the day talking man stuff with BD and M, and Bess and I played happily with fiber, and talked books and movies and past lives and just everything....

I had brought along the pattern and the beginning section of the Follies sweater, but in thinking about it on the carride up discovered an error, and asked Bess about it. I was right (yay, me!) I'll explain. Here's the picture again:

It's a Berocco pattern, and I plan on adding sleeves. Well, I finished the back, and then the left front, and started what I thought would be the right front. But then I realized that it had wanted me to cast on as many stitches as the left front. Hmm... So it looked to me like the right front was just the mirror image of the left front. What's wrong with that? Look at the picture again. The way they want me to make it, it's not really a "wrap look" sweater so much as it is a wrap. In aran weight yarn.

Kate Moss wouldn't want a double layer of fabric in a giant triangle right over her stomach.
I am no Kate Moss.

So Bess looked at it for a bit, and figured out a way for me to avoid this and described it carefully for me, and lightbulbs so bright I could have blinded someone were glaring over my head, the solution was so clear. How exciting!

Dinner was scrumptious, and LD and GF came over for that, so we got to chat with them a little, and suddenly is was way too late, and I would have loved to stay for hours and hours longer, but we had to get in the car and head for home, promising it should all happen again soon.

Sunday was a day for late-sleeping (well, 7:30, but that's late for a lark!) and we went to lunch and an early movie with my parents. Saw The Village again, and found it just as interesting, and I was very impressed that DSS seemed to follow it all quite clearly, as I would have thought it boring for someone raised to like blowing things up. Sometime earlier in the day I realized that the lightbulbs I'd had glaring away the day before were now dull and dark, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what Bess had been talking about. So while GB took DSS home, I sat in my parents basement, and decided I would simply start at the bottom of the left front, pick up a stitch with every row, and work my way up, until the left front became the whole front. I am now about 6 inches up, and it seems to be working. I'll try to get pics of that, too. An added benefit is that saving me the time of knitting the unneeded stomach padding means having extra yarn, so I'll most likely be able to add full sleeves on, since I was sort of guessing about how much yarn to order to alter the pattern by adding sleeves.

I was pretty pooped after such a full weekend - I get tired SO easily - and for some reason I've been breaking out - not my face, but my arms and legs - so it seems I have some sort of allergy. Blech. Time for a doctors appointment, I suppose....


Blogger Elisa said...

Happy Monday - ;)

It sounds like a lovely weekend!

I hate that dim lightbulb feeling, myself...because you KNOW that you understood what was said at the time - and it all seemed so clear, but then a break in concentration, or sleep, or whatever, and poof - someone turned out the lights.

Kudos to you for figuring out a solution on your own, though! I look forward to seeing pictures!

1:14 PM  
Blogger caramelknits said...

Very exciting about figuring out the sweater, but even more exciting was the underwear-fest! You lucky girl you! :D

8:30 PM  

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