Friday, August 27, 2004

What a great way to start the day! I slept pathetically late - but so did the dog, so no barks or scratches at the door woke me up, just the gentle grunt of a cat being kicked in my sleep (Trevor likes to sleep at my ankles). Despite my drive towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on a Friday morning, traffic was light and easy. "KnitSteph" sent me an adorable Hallmark e-card featuring Hoops and Yo-Yo, who are pretty much my heros. I'm almost caught up in work (sounds like a great excuse to slack off for the rest of the day, right?). My dear friend Nancy is coming to visit tomorrow (if you look at my wedding pictures, she's the yellow bridesmaide) to meet her nephew Oscar, since I haven't seen her since the wedding! We'll take him for a walk, and go see Garden State tomorrow evening, during which I fully expect to laugh, to cry, and to feel that, yes, actually, it is better than Cats.

I spun about an ounce of the green/red/gold merino/silk blend last night. Could definitely see the sections where I should have predrafted a bit more. But Tanya just got a new room for all her knitting toys, and asked people to send her mementos to decorate with. I think I'll use some of that... though maybe I'll use a few ounces that are better spun than that ounce.

I've got seven more to play with.... What should I make? I'd like to make something really unique - and this stuff has the most amazing sheen to it... ideas? a simple scarf? A doily type thing?

(I'm sorry, "doily" is just one of the dumbest words on the planet. Doilies themselves are fine, in the proper arena, but the word "doily" You know some snotty ghost somewhere is just laughing it up because they've got the whole English speaking world using the world "doily" when really it's just the noise they made when they sneezed and tea came out of their nose)

I tried to start on my lace hat last night, but could only find one size five cicular needle (I know I have about 17 of them, that's what I use most often) and it was in my Follies sweater. I very cleverly dug out my first pair of wooden needles, some lovely rosewood handcarved ones that I got when Trevor was a baby kitten. They have to stay hidden or they get mysterious puncture wounds in the tips. I don't know how that could happen.

But dig them out I did, and carefully knit from the circular in the Follies sweater, onto the straight wooden needles, then set about casting on the lace hat-to-be.... and discovered that the circular needle is 29".

Confident I may be at times. My head is NOT that big. And since I couldn't find a second size 5, I'll just give in and buy a 16" 5 today or tomorrow, and go back to the 29" circs on the Follies sweater. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the front and get started on the sleeves this weekend!


Blogger Knittens said...

Hi Amie :)

Have a great time seeing Garden State. My DH and I really want to see it, but when we finally had the oportunity, they took it out of the theatre we were planning on going to! Are you seeing it in Baltimore? Maybe I'll plan a secret trip tomorrow to bring him to see it before his first day of work on Monday.

Let me know how it is!

Oh, and PS... I would make a scarft, but thats because I LOVE scarves. Doilies are cool too (and I agree about the word btw). Good luck with that!

9:23 AM  
Blogger xmasberry said...

okay, i had comment posting issues a minute ago, so here it goes again (have you noticed that when you have to repeat comments they are never as witty, fascinatiing, or brilliant as they were the first time? keep this in mnd, please, i am usually quite fantastic ;-) )

so, you should definitely use the angora/merino for gloves/mittens. they would be warm and wonderful! now you have me looking for angora blend yarns to make my gloves (no pattern yet, but hey, i really need gloves so i'm sure not to find a pattern i like for ages!)

2:44 PM  

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