Friday, August 06, 2004

You just can't be in a bad mood when you've got the day to yourself with the animals, your toes are painted Wish-Green, and a huge packet comes in the mail from your secret pal.

That's what this past Saturday was like!

That's two balls deep green Brown Sheep, four balls gold Brown Sheep, four balls Columbine Blue Cotton Fleece, a journal, an adorable trinket box, filled with yarn needles and stitch markers - ALL FOR ME!!! (of course, my toes are in there to, in an attempt to show off my favorite toenail polish color, which cheers me up.) I sent a thank-you card when I got the package last week, but thanks again, "secret pal"! I'm having so much fun deciding what to do with all this! A yarn needle helped sew up the ill-fated hat, and the stitch markers went right into my Follies sweater! I think I'll make a short-sleeved top with the Cotton Fleece, and the other Brown Sheep will eventually become a felted bag to put GB's mail in when he's out of town!

Here's my favorite Super Model. He was (I think) a gift for my first birthday, from my aunt. If that's wrong, don't tell me, it's what I've believed since I was very very little. His name is Frosty, due to a childhood crush on Frosty the Snowman I suppose, and he's been with me for nearly every night since then. He sleeps in the bed with GB and I, gets seatbelted-in in the car, and even has his very own Christmas stocking and wardrobe, which he very seldom wears, being a bit of a nudist. The scrapes on his face came from being dragged around the sidewalk when I wasn't yet strong enough to walk my childhood dog, a beagle named Darwin (coincidentally, my father-in-law's name). This guy's seen better days, sure, but he's my Velveteen Rabbit, and is very much real.
He's wearing the hat I spun and knit for GB that doesn't fit. To defend myself, it was quite huge on Frosty, and is folded over in the back, so it's not as though I thought my husband's head was as small as Frosty's. I just didn't think it was as big as a elephant's either.

  Another shot of the hat. If you look close, you can see speckles of blue wool. The hat is as soft as a kitten, the yarn is solid and very warm, and I'm still not entirely convinced I shouldn't shave GB's head in his sleep to try to make this thing fit, because it's even more gorgeous in person, and come on, he can grow his hair back in the summer, right?

I'll have more pictures next week, too, since I didn't want to blast you away with 12 pics at once. But in other random thoughts, is anyone else disturbed by the new McDonald's Chicken sandwich ads? Maybe it's just me, but I don't think "the new sandwich has nothing but chicken in it" should be a major selling point. I kinda think it should be assumed. I mean, I knew McDonalds wasn't good for you - please, any fool knows that stuff'll clog arteries if you just drive to slowly when you pass the place, but aren't they basically saying "goodness knows what we were feeding you before, now we're going to try adding some real meat to the mix!" Makes my skin crawl.
Burger Joint

And I had five lovely days with my husband, and the government wants him again, so this morning's kiss goodbye was for another week. It's been a lot of travel lately. Normally the times apart aren't so bad, because it means a little break from each other, and a chance to remember why we want to be together. Need A HugLately, it's just been wanting to be together, and not getting enough time to really enjoy it before he's out the door again. Election year. Can't wait til it's all done, and I can have my husband back.
Running In Field


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think that hat looks really good...poor GB that he wont be able to enjoy it.

Dont you love getting secret pal goodies? I love working with brown sheep, I have too much of their bulky pride! :)good times! Cotton fleece is a really great knit

I have some blue toenail polish like that...its funky cool goodness.

Pressed and formed chicken pattys - it's whats NOT for dinner..ew yuck! double yuck

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rose-- I have lately lost my DH for periods of time due to work :P It has it's good parts at times (as you said), but it does really drag along at times. Take care-- it *will* get better! :)

myshelle 10 (from KR)

2:20 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

Thanks for the kind comments about my have a great looking blog. I am SO jealous of your yarn. I would love to get into spinning some day.

11:34 AM  

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