Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Ahh... September 1st. And the knitting world seems to be on edge.Way Too Happy

It's September, and despite the hum of the air conditioners we still hear, September means fall.
Fall means dropping temperatures.Freezing

Dropping temperatures means SWEATER SEASON!!!
SweaterSweater 3Sweater 4

I've been fairly uninspired in the fiber department lately... just busy with other things... I've fondled some fibers, and even spun a little cotton for the first time (not too bad, but needs work!) but haven't done any marathon knitting or spinning since Sunday. Yeah, just two days, but it feels odd somehow.

Bess's talk of a brick red Cashmerino Aran today got me back to thinking about my aran-style sweater in Chamonix I had planned... and then it occured to me that September also meant that Christmas was under 4 months away, and since I have two mohair scarves, maybe three, and possibly an afghan, planned as gifts, I should put them first. I do knit much slower on mohair, but even so I don't expect they'll take the whole time (maybe, if I do the afghan for this year). Still, I'd hate to be still knitting in the car on the way to Christmas while wearing a new sweater for myself... I intentionally don't do many knitting gifts, since I want it to remain a pleasant experience for me, and one can never tell when one will hit a snag that could be blown way out of proportion by a deadline!
I did manage to figure out the digital camera last night, and immediately set about taking pictures of everything that would hold still long enough (and some that didn't - fortunately for you, fish tanks do not handle photography well, or you might be forced to sit through introductions of all 12 of the littlest family members!) but was unable to mail them to myself at work to load them. I did manage to mail myself the folder that had the photos, but couldn't open it. I'll try again tonight.So there you have it. The reason I laugh in the face of anyone who thinks I'm even remotely technology-savy.
Bang Your Head


Blogger chelsea said...

Good luck with the camera! Now that I have mine, I feel like I am missing a limb if I leave home with out it.

I hope GB had fun in NY, I know I did!

And trust me, I have BEEN rolling around in the stash, now I just need more time to knit it up. :)

3:58 PM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

Stop reminding me that fall is near. I still want to bask in the sun and run my toes through the grass. I will go kicking and screaming into cold weather! :)

4:57 PM  

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