Wednesday, September 29, 2004

.... and the favorite husband award goes too....
Okay, I liked him pretty good to begin with, but in addition to wanting to kick AC's ass
(the line forms to the left) he was bragging about me at his work the other day, and because of that a co-worker now wants to commission me to knit his family some Christmas stockings! Five, to be exact. It seems they have a family tradition of handknit stockings for the new family members each year, and the woman who was doing it passed away. He sent me photos of one of the existing stockings to show what he was expecting, and it's definitely knitting I can do:

Of course, getting five done in time for Christmas, on top of the scarf for a grandmother and the afghan I've got going for another gift, could prove to be challenging... Hopefully I'll work something out, since it would be nice to get a bit of extra money. GB says "this might be the first step to you having a job playing with animals and fiber all day!"

This is seriously a good guy I married.

Work still sucks otherwise, although I did hear back from one of the bosses on the e-mail about AC. They're going to tell him to cut it out, and maybe even buy him his damn Charmin Ultra to keep him quiet. The one I spoke to is laughing about it, but does agree that it's highly inappropriate and something that would be obviously inappropriate to anyone with any social skills at all. He said "I thought it was over when [the troll] left!" and told me that the other one made the comment that AC almost seemed to have a fetish of sorts. So at least they don't think it's me who can't get along with anyone.

I'm so glad, because I really think for the most part I'm a lovely person. I mean, heck, I like me.

I took many pictures of the skein of yarn for the novice category this weekend, and then forgot to send them to myself to post them... Maybe tomorrow.


Blogger um said...

hi! just found your site through someone's blog - can't remember whose now! just wanted to say i like all your smilies - or is that smileys? and how sweet that your hubby bragged about your knitting - that must've made you feel great!

10:30 PM  
Blogger xmasberry said...

what a great tradition! in fact, that is what i was thinking earlier when you just had pictures of the stockings up; i was making up my own story of what they might be (yes, it's true, i do not get out amongst real people very often).
lately i am dreaming of having a tea/yarn/photo farm (you can farm photos, can't you?) and getting away from the ungrateful bosses and the cold offices. don't think it's going to happen, however. maybe if i buy some land....

you are documenting all the issues with AC, aren't you?

11:53 PM  

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