Thursday, September 23, 2004

For the few of you who even noticed, I didn't post yesterday. I went home sick. I never go home sick (in my whole life, I've been sent home by bosses more often than I've actually gone home at my own suggestion), so I was feeling pretty bad. Funky blood sugar things, I think, waves of nausea, dizziness. GB said I was hot, and since I was clearly not in "the mood" I assume he meant feverish, as well.
For a while I sat at work thinking "I can't drive if this gets any worse. I'll call GB and have him pick me up tonight." In one of my more lucid moments I realized that was silly, and since computer errors meant I actually had less work than usual, I went home around lunchtime. Snuggled on the couch with Aslan, even Oscar was calmer than usual and settled nicely on the floor... Felt pretty moody and icky and restless most of the evening, couldn't even focus enough to knit or spin very much (believe me, I tried, but when you're feeling dizzy, doing something that involves looking in the direction of a quickly spinning wheel is a no-no) but woke up feeling much better (not great, but exponentially better) albeit it a little worried that today is another weigh in. So if it's a bad week, can we all agree to blame the illness, and not my lack of moral strength?

I did remember to take a picture of the Niddy Noddy I got last week (Saturday?). It's a Kromski, 2 yard, with Mahogany finish, and quite lovely.

That yarn is actually dark green with some red and gold. Remember me mentioning the sheen from Jen's merino/silk blends. I was not, in actuality, just whistling "Dixie" on that one.

And I think we've also finally found a bone that Oscar can't chew through in one day.

I think it's from a pterodactyl or something. Oscar is about 60 - 65 pounds. Notice the size of his "arm" compared to the narrowest part of the bone. Every so often he becomes highly motivated to move it, and he can lift up one end and drag it a bit. When he drops the end, it sounds like a bass drum. While he's chewing on it, you'd think the garbage disposal was on for all the grinding, scraping noises. Can you guess whether it was me or GB that felt the need to buy this for him? I'll give you the hint. It was not the one of us who was home yesterday listening to the bass drum/garbage disposal of bones while they were trying to recover from sickness. Though I must admit it's cute to watch him try to decide whether to play with that or the small felted mouse intended to be a cat toy but which quickly became his.

Oh, and KC? I've never spun Coopworth either, to my knowlege. Again, let's blame the fever for my delusions that led me to type "Coopworth" when talking about my benevolently benefacted fiber for the lace weight catagory. It was (and still is) Corriedale, and is a yummy dark chocolate color. It's also the most lanolin-rich fiber I've spun... I like it, but can't spin it for long, because my fingers start to stick together! But it's going well, although I think I'm going to change to the very fast flyer head on my wheel. I've been using just the fastest setting on my standard wheel, and been pretty successful. I've got enough to play (6.75 oz total, and the final skein only needs to be 1 oz) so I'll see if the very fast flyer changes things drastically....

And now I'm ready for another nap, but have to hang in there until after work...

Edited to add:
Also, something funky is going on with me and Little Barn. Ordered a pound of Superwash Merino from them over a month ago, paid through PayPal, and the order never got to me. So I contacted them after a month, they responded quite quickly to my e-mail, and said their policy was to send the product again with the understanding that if I ended up with two packages, I would either pay for the second, or send it back to them. It's now been a week and a half since the second package went out, and it's still not here either!!! So now I'm starting to suspect foul play, although not with them, with either the mail service, who didn't feel like going up to the house with a pitbull tied up outside it (even though Oscar can't come anywhere close to the door) and so felt they could just toss the package, or if one of our neighbors is wandering off with it. Weird. Suggestions? What do I do here?


Blogger Shea said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well :( that's never fun! Hopefully you'll be totally well soon!
Corriedale was the first thing I ever spun, I'm planning to get some more at SAFF (hopefully).
Take care!

12:34 PM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

I missed you yesterday :( I didn't get my fix and felt so empty before I went to bed. I figured that you were sick since you mentioned that you were coming down with something the day before. Hope that you're on the mend soon :)


1:11 PM  
Blogger Knittens said...

Hi Hun,
Sorry you're feelin bleh. I hope you feel better. its the worst when you're sick and you have time at home, but feel too crappy to knit or spin!

In regards to the package. I recommend calling the company, explain that yet again you have not gotten it. If they say they can send it again, ask them to send it so that it can only be delivered with a signature. YOUR signature. that was if you arent there, the mail guy cant leave it, and when you get the chance you can go pick it up.

I usually dont have problems with packages, but some thing I make sure they require a signature. It takes a little more effort to get it, but at least you get it!

2:49 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Or, you can have it delivered to your office, if that's not a problem with your work place. Quite a few people who order from me do that ... seems to work pretty well.

Hope you're feeling better! :-)


5:46 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm am sorry you have been unwell and hope you are doing much better now. It definitely sounds like the post office is eating your packages or they are getting sent to the wrong address. I hope you get it straightened out soon. I know how it is waiting on fiber or fiber tools.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Amie, I am sorry you have not been feeling well. I hope you start feeling better soon! About the package of yarn, I think that if they thought that is was undeliverable (because of your dog, etc.) they would send one of those orange postcards that ask you to pick up the package at the post office. I sure hope your package comes soon... you know that yarn I was supposed to get from Harlot? I have not received it after 3 weeks, and I am hoping it was not lost in the mail...

9:25 PM  
Blogger Shea said...

You could also call the company and verify the address. I say that because I placed an order with a company that I had successfully ordered from before, however this time when they had done the mailing label my zip code had been mistyped. I called to verify the mailing address was correct and we found the error... it was fixed and I received my package in a few days. That's the only time I've ever missed receiving a package... so that's all I can think of to help :)

9:47 AM  
Blogger Maureen said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you figure out the mystery of the missing packages. That is frustrating. Cute Doggie!!!!

12:22 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Re. Little Barn, we had a problem with a shipment from them, too, and it turned out to be with their shipper! When contacted about problems, they've been super in getting things straightened out.

6:29 PM  

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