Thursday, September 30, 2004

I think it's settled. B came into the office for something else today and I overheard him ask AC what kind of toilet paper he would like. When AC asked why, B said "I'm trying to keep my employees happy. I've been thinking about what you said, I'll get the kind you want, and from here on out, the conversation stops and you don't mention your bathroom issues to anyone else, got it?" AC asked "What brought this on?" and B said "Nothing brought it on, but I've been thinking about what you said, there's a woman in the building, and you need to be aware that no one else needs to hear about your problems in that area. You'll get the toilet paper you need, and the discussion ends now, right?" Then he left, and seconds later AC ran past my office, snapped "I'm going outside" and ran downstairs. I'm sure to discuss it further with B. When he came back in about 10 minutes later, he was very sulky, stomping his feet, not answering my (work related) questions with anything more than a grunt.
Well, like I always say... (okay, not always, but I swear, I'm gonna say it from now on)
Better a cold shoulder than a hairy ass.

Re-reading that now, I can see how that might fit into many life situations. So yup, there it is, my new life motto. Better a cold shoulder than a hairy ass.
Use it freely. Maybe we can get rid of "schnizzle fa dizzle" and replace it with "Better a cold shoulder than a hairy ass."

In other news (oh, was this supposed to be a fiber-blog? silly me!) Fiona seems to have a pimple!
I told you I'm working on some laceweight for the spinning competition at VA FFF this weekend. I was spinning on my regular flyer head, and then thought that I should try the very fast flyer head, and made a switch. Suddenly I noticed the yarn was breaking A LOT. This is not normally a problem I have, and it was getting very frustrating. I tried all kinds of things, moving my hands, different chairs, different positions, long-draw, inch worm, you name it, the damn yarn kept breaking. I finally took a few minutes to really inspect Fiona, and it seems there's a tiny bump, a nearly invisible bit of sharpness where the yarn leaves the orifice on its way to the bobbin. Could that be the problem? This morning, I switched back to the regular flyer head, and the breaking stopped. Hmmm...
I've Got It
Alright, so I'll spin up this ounce of fiber and decide if I want to ply it or keep it as singles tonight, and maybe file the little bump off the fast flyer head, or maybe just wait until I go to the spinning class at Rhinebeck and see if the teacher can tell me if it was me or the bump causing the trouble.

Off to make more coffee. AC likes it meat-lockerish in here, and rather than start a fight over the thermostat I meant to bring in a jacket, but I forgot...
I don't really mind the cold... reminds me of knitting. Green


Blogger Kim said...

I *love* your new life motto! It would, most definitely, fit into many, many situations.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

OMG! I **love** your new motto!!! I have *got* to figure out how I can fit this into as many conversations as possible!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Excellent motto, Amie, cheers to you!

I will keep my fingers crossed that AC will be happy with special toilet paper. He certainly is special, isn't he? ;) I'd have preferred B to just fire AC, but we can't always get what we want (insert new life motto here).

Have a terrific weekend!

10:15 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Oh good. I'm glad that's settled. Maybe he will wipe himself into oblivion now and leave you alone.
Best wishes to you on the FFF competition.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully karma will kick in and AC will have an allergic reaction to the brand name tp. One can only hope............... Next thing he'll complain about is a lack of an office and he'll want the Binford 6000 Lazy-Bowl recliner so he can work in purpetual tp comfort.

Break a leg at the FFF !


9:21 AM  

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