Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Well, I've just sent off my entry forms for VA's Fall Fiber Festival because for some reason I forgot that they needed them by the 24th, and while I knew that today was the 21st, I was temporarily incapable of handling the complex, upper-level math that was 24 - 21 = 3. So I sent them an e-mail saying the forms are coming, and hopefully all will work out. Also sent out another package, and hopefully someone will call me up and say "my goodness, yes, please come work for us, is a million dollar salary okay?"

Oh, and the reason I knew it was September 21st?
Birthday SongBirthday Gifts
It is the birthday of the very dear, very beloved Bess today. I wish there were words to say how very much I love, adore, admire, and just enjoy this woman. I want very much to be like her when I grow up. Go send her some love, she deserves it all and more.

The cold is still hanging around and even getting a little worse, and I've been spending a great deal of my mornings sounding like Demi Moore. If he didn't have to leave for work, GB might get a kick out of that, but as it is, the cats aren't particularly amused. If anything, they think I'm purring more. The radios station is moving next week - in fact, I have to work Sunday because of it - and so the males are feeling very male indeed and throwing and breaking things that will go into the dumpster, which means stirred up dust and loud noises to sooth my sore throat and aching head. I'm feeling pretty rotten right now, and would really like to go to bed. But duty calls, the bastard.

Speaking of the FFF, I've only finished two of the four entries. I decided to enter the hat that I made from the sock pattern, in the hopes that they find it interesting that I used a sock pattern for a hat (hey, a tube's a tube's a tube, right? Just decrease after the leg instead of turning the heel)

And in the novice catagory I've entered the finished yarn from this

I'm also entering a felted bag of my own design, the mail bag.

I'm going to do it in different colors, and make the handle narrower as well.

Plus I want to try to enter the lace weight division, using some chocolate brown Coopworth wool from my benevolent benefactor. Just to force myself to spin to form instead of just spinning what the fiber wants to do. Show the fiber Who's the Boss, as it were.


Blogger Amy Boogie said...

Great bag.
I'm a little slow sometimes when I need to send in applications. Very rarely does anyone have a problem with apps that are a day or 2 late.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Hi Amie, I am sure that it will be fine if it is one day late. It should be there in no time. That sounds like a fun festival--I would like to take that trip. Your entries are great! I have seen the hat in person, and it is beautiful, and I think that this yarn and your felted bag and superb!

Hope to talk to you soon!

8:47 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Hey Amie -

Your entries look beautiful (I wanted to pet the yarn through my monitor!).

Make sure to take lots of pics at the FFF!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Oooh! A benevolent benefactor! I need one of those! :-) I've never spun Coopworth; I'm slowing making my way through a really nice black Corriedale at the moment.

I wish I lived a lot closer to Virginia! Good luck with your entries!


12:41 PM  

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