Tuesday, October 26, 2004

GB got off the plane yesterday and found his phone had a message on it, telling him to go to PA today. He was home for less than 12 hours. But we had a lovely dinner, and he gave me this

It's a tiny brass spinning wheel (three and a half inches or so), with a rubber drive band that actually spins the wheel and bobbin. We think the treadle might work with a little fiddling, but haven't risked it yet. The cool thing is that he bought it because he thought it looked like Loireag, and the first thing I noticed was ... It's a PENCIL SHARPENER! How totally cute! (please ignore the fact that for some reason all my pictures look as if I was drunk. I wasn't, I promise.)

Here's one of the braids from Jen's at Rhinebeck. This was the closest to the color I could get of the braid, but it really doesn't do it justice. I think the article made from it will be called "Bluebird" because it's this cheery, fun, lavendar and blue that just makes me smile...

This is one full braid's worth. It's a better representation of the color, except it's pretty balenced between robins-egg-blue and the lavendar, though not of the spinning, which is about 35 wpi.

And because the worlds worst mailman was accidentally kind to me yesterday, I also have this from E-bay. Salt and Pepper shakers. I kid you not.

But is it me, or do all portrayals of spinning wheels that have wool make the wool look like soft serve from Dairy Queen?


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