Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rhinebeck: An Epic Adventure Chapter 3. Knitting Heretic's World Tour - Asthmania

Leaving Norman to a day of rest and recuperation from the previous evening's accident, Princess Amie rode along with Jennifer and her merry wenches Shelia and Martha to the festival on Saturday. Her Quest For Knowledge was continuing with a class in Oremburg Lace with Galina. It was a windy, chilly day and the princess was pleased that her class was inside.
She learned the ancient technique of knitting the beautiful lace shawls, and was surprised to learn that she was a faster knitter than the rest of the class.
Open Mouth
After two full days of Quests, our princess was feeling quite put out.
Student Head Explodes
She wandered across the grounds and Jen, Martha, and Shelia were laying wait, ready to tempt her with their beautiful wares.
Shopping 2
While she was there, the heavens opened up and told her to stop shopping before someone got hurt!
The giant gust of wind nearly swept our princess out to sea, and all her lovely fiber along with her. Amie bravely grabbed onto Jen's tent barely saving her own life. Many others were witness to this, some narrowly escaping their own fates.
Amie saw several others on similar quests, but after the long classes, and the near death experience, she was barely able to remember their names. But before long, the vendors began closing down for the evening. The Sorceresses released their minions, and the fair grounds slowly grew quiet.
Once again the Princess, the maidens and the great Sorceress decided to dine together at a different tavern.
The went and sat, catching up on their days, and enjoying the companionship and drinks, regaling with much laughter at Sorceress Annie's tales.
Ladies Night Out
After some time, nigh on an hour, Princess Amie leaned to the fair maiden Jen and said,
"Dost thou not recall ordering a meal to provide us sustenance?"
"Why, yes," replied fair Jen, "it does seem as though they are biding their time quite greatly."
And so the barkeep was summoned. He bade them many apologies, and offereed as repayment for his slow service, caused by faulty wiring in the carrier pidgeons which alert the chef to the meals requested, free dessert for the women.
Being fair of heart, as well as fair of face, the lovely women agreed, and put their minds back to the entertaining tales told by Sorceress and Knitting Heretic Annie. They filled the tavern with their laughter, and suggested that Annie would be quite enjoyable on a standup routine which could be called "Asthmania".
ComedianLOLLaughToo Funny
But soon even their laughter wasn't enough to distract them from their growing hunger.
Feed Me
The meal had now taken over two hours, with the more than gracious temperments of our lovely maidens quite tested. When the debt was tallied, even then the tavern fell short of expectations, as it was totaled incorrectly, and the corrections were quite rudely handled. The maidens were now no longer cheery, even at the thought of seeing Annie on tour. The day had been lovely and full, but ended on a sour note. They would not be back to this tavern, not ever.
No No No

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting chapter:
What a Wonderful Whorl


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