Friday, October 22, 2004

Rhinebeck: An Epic Adventure Chapter 5. There's No Place Like Home (or: The Poconos Are Lovely This Time Of Year)

With her Quest For Knowledge fulfilled, and taking one final look at the beautiful autumn that had begun in Rhinebeck, Princess Amie was on her way back to her loving Prince GB.
Princess Heartbeat Prince
The princess looked forward to seeing her beloved cats and dog (oh, and husband) again, and knew she would take back with her the vast knowledge she had obtained, and the warm memories of her time with friends new and old.
She kept replaying in her mind the compliments paid to her skills by her Spinning and Knitting Sorceresses, as well as Gilbert the Magician. She wanted to get home quickly to try out her knew skills at home. And yet she didn't want to leave, and finally admit the weekend was over. The ride home in the carriage was to take 5 hours, and she knew it was best that she and Norman get on the road. So sadly, she hugged and waved goodbye, and set off down the road, carriage full of goodies, heart full of memories.
Road Trip
But perhaps our princess's mind should have been more on the road before her than the road behind, because before long, she and her trusty steed Norman grew confused. A carrier pidgeon was sent on to Prince GB to see if he could help guide her on her way. Alas, he was unable to determine where she had gone astray (although the princess still maintains that reading off the licence plate of the carriage in front of her was helpful information, and the snorting was not a neccessary reponse). The prince suggested Amie travel on for another 20 miles, and then send the pidgeon back to report on her progress.
Road Trip
Before the 20 miles was up, the Princess passed across the line into the kingdom of Pennsylvania.
Just then, a sign caught her eye, on which was listed route numbers that seemed familiar to her. She took a chance, figuring that at this point she would do better to keep going in the appropriate directions rather than back track and loose time.

Little did the princess know that the route signs had been bewitched by an evil monster.
Once the numbers had been read off the signs, they would vanish, and never be seen again.

Desparately, Princess Amie drove South and then East and then South and then East...
NervousRoad TripNervous 2
She tried hard not to panic, not to cry... but she was sooooo tired....
But suddenly the princess entered a majestic kingdom. The leaves on the trees sparkled all different colors... the road slowed... time seemed to stand still. She was in the land of many legends, the land of promised romance, of 7 foot tall champagne-glass-hot-tubs.
She was in

The Poconos.

Leaf Pile
As if a spell had been cast, the Princess felt an unexplicable calling to go into one of those hot tubs wearing a string bikini and toss her hair about...
She struggled with herself - the desire to be in a large glass of champagne versus her desire to be home, safe, with her family.
Eventually, love won out.
Cat 7Cat 10PrinceDog 21
Completely exhausted, but with slightly renewed hope, Princess Amie sent a carrier pidgeon to King David of Carlisle, her older brother, hoping that he would have information that would speed her on her way. Using carrier pidgeons, and maps, and the most sophisticated of navigational devices, it was soon determined that they had no idea where the hell Princess Amie was.
Well, not "no idea."
No U Turn80 East.One Way
That's all they knew. But fortunately that was enough.
Smiley Shell
Just as she was sending a final carrier pidgeon to Prince GB, convinced it would be her last, she mentioned the stretch of road she was on.
"Oh!" the Prince exclaimed, "just carry on for another 20 miles, and you'll see an exit for 287, which will take you to 95, and then you are once again in familiar kingdoms!"
Road Trip
In just nine hours, Princess Amie was back and her own castle door, where the handsome and geographically gifted Prince GB stood waiting with open arms.
Blinking Heart 2Castle


Blogger Linda said...

Your stories have been so enjoyable, Princess Amie. Thank you for entertaining us that way. Linda

12:47 PM  
Blogger Amy Boogie said...

Princess Amie
I bet your loyal subjects were happy to have you home. glad you made it back to your kingdo, in one piece. I hope Norman heals quickly

8:16 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

How funny! It's good you retained your sense of humor through it all. Welcome back! Sounds like a beautiful drive through the country.

11:23 AM  
Blogger ann said...

loved your fairy tale!! glad you had a happy ending - I hate getting lost!!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Jensgalore said...

Oh, I've done that! It's horrible. You just keep driving, debating whether or not to turn around, hoping frantically something starts looking familiar, and all the while things keeps looking LESS familiar ...

Not fun. I'm so glad you made it home safely in the end!

12:19 PM  

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