Monday, October 11, 2004

Well, after knitting it four times, with four different cables, I gave up and realized that knitting cables on thick-thin, fuzzy angora, and mottled-colored yarn was possibly a mistake. Notice I didn't say "I couldn't knit one" No, I am more that equal to the task. And as I am the one who dyed and spun the fiber, you may also notice that it was not poor quality of any of these attributes that caused the difficulty. In fact, I blame the cables entirely. I finally conceeded to the cables, and went with a simple ribbing on the backside. I finished the first one this morning.

Here it is just before starting the waste yarn for the thumb.

I still don't like it. Think it's pretty darn ugly, in fact. And the thumb is a bit tight. But I do love the yarn, and it's softer than anything not living has a right to be, and I set out on a mission, and I sure as hell wasn't going to be beaten by a pair of fingerless mittens, so there you have it.

Since I can't finish my entry with something unattractive, how about a cute shot of my security guard?

Trevor searching the spinning wheel bag to be sure there are no dangers to mom inside. It's hard to feel scared of spinning wheel's when a tough guy like this loves you.


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