Thursday, November 18, 2004

Political Venting Today - no knitting

Jack and Bobby was a good one last night. Hope you saw it.

In it, one of Jack's friends has just committed suicide, and we learn that the friend was gay.

It's commonly estimated that 10% of the population is gay, however approximately 30% of completed suicides are attributed to "sexual identity" Some studies have shown that as many as 42% of gay and lesbian teens attempt suicide, many going on to try again if they didn't complete the act the first time. There are a lot of statistics that people who even suspect they are gay see no way to be happy, and see suicide as an option more frequently than heterosexuals do.

One of the lines in Jack and Bobby that particularly caught my attention was when the friend was confessing to Jack that he was gay in a flashback.

"It's 2003," Jack said, "no one cares about that anymore."

No? No one?

And yet 51% of Americans voted for a man who wants to keep citizens as second class citizens. Who tells them essentially "you have no chance at a happy, healthy relationship in your future." Why should they even try?

Maybe wars overseas aren't the only way this country is killing people.

The Trevor Project


Blogger David said...

* sigh *

That's the easiest way to be a bigot, isn't it? To call the people you're oppressing a "political issue," instead of acknowledging them as human beings.

A very good friend of mine just told me last night that he and his wife were separating after more than a decade together. It was a blow to me--I've looked up to this man as a role model, mentor, and "big brother" figure for years. But somehow he and his wife have decided that their marriage--a Christian marriage that has produced two beautiful children--wasn't working. "Mommy and daddy are going to be friends, and live in separate houses," is how it was explained to the 5- and 9-year-old kids.

Did their marriage "fail"?

No, I don't think so., wait. It's more than that. I'm SURE their marriage didn't "fail."

This couple served as an inspiration to me and countless others with their faithful commitment to one another, to their children, and to the community around them. They brought much good into the world as a family bound by marriage... and they will continue to bring much good into the world as individuals. I'm glad they "went for it." I'm glad they tried.

So I'll be there for my friend, and his wife and their kids, and I'll be whatever sounding-board or shoulder or bullseye crap-target they need, and I'll do what I can to help them keep on being the wonderful people that they are. 'Cause I'm proud of them, and I'm grateful for their example.

What's that line about "having loved and lost" versus "never having loved at all"?

I'd like a chance at that first option, please.


Thanks for this post, sis.

8:44 AM  

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