Monday, November 29, 2004

This is what I did all weekend:

The first of five of those commission stockings. The stocking is 64 stitches across at the top. Going by the pattern, the lettering for WILLIAM 2002 was 66 stitches wide. I narrowed the "L"s by one stitch each, and wish I'd narrowed the "0"s of the 2002 as well, but I squoze it all in there (yes, it's a word. now.). There are a few mistakes as well, but I'll fix them with duplicate stitching.

I would have really liked to get more done on this:

but it's now so heavy that the wrist can't quite handle it. And it's just getting bigger. I did have a brief glimmer of "heck, yeah, I can get this done by Christmas" this morning, and then I went to turn it again (it's actually knit in the round and I'm now working on two circs) and thought "hm. Maybe not." I have an emergency back up plan, and fortunately the recipient has a sense of humor, so if I got really desparate I could give a gift of scraps of yarn and some twigs and call it a "kit" (no, the recipient does not knit at all).

Aslan helped with my grandmother's scarves.

I didn't intend to take pictures of him, but it was about 0.36 seconds between me putting the mohair on the couch and the cat putting himself on the mohair. I think he might need a twelve step program. Maybe even 24 steps.

The pink one is done all-but-for-the-weaving-in-of-ends and is for my dad's mom. We gave her a pretty purple sweater last year, and this colorway was called "amethyst" or something equally purple sounding and looked purple on the computer screen, so I thought it would be purple. It's pretty pink, which is nice too, so we're going with it. The red is for my mom's step-mom, who I just always picture in red. It's a Mountain Colors colorway called Ruby River and I would be happy if my entire (non-green) wardrobe were in this colorway - I love it.

And in case you thought my time online was yarn-free. Silly, silly, you.

That's a ball of yarn sitting by the computer for stroking, when needed. And the wallpaper? Those ain't bales of hay, John-boy, them's yarn!


Blogger Amy Boogie said...

You are so brave for taking on a commission project this time of year.
I love that wallpaper!

2:07 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

I love the picture of Aslan padding the mohair. He's my kind of cat.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Fiber addikt said...

Thanks Amie...I changed my look so I could add links, but I have no idea yet how to do it. I'll work on it next week. Please feel free to email me if you have any suggestions, I'd love to put your blog up as a link. I can't locate your email address, so if you want, please email me with it. I love your creations! :)

7:45 PM  
Blogger David said...

Um... does William know that it's 2004? Or are you just running a little late on this commission?

Happy birthday, sis!

8:00 AM  

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