Monday, November 01, 2004


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We didn't have a single Trick-Or-Treater this year. I wasn't really expecting any, since last year we only had one. I was home alone (GB was home for 36 hours in a row this time - next time, we're shooting for two days straight!) and so went through my fiber stash. Talk about a scare. I couldn't get to one of the 30 gallon tubs, since there was other stuff on it in our storage room, but I know that's spinning fiber, mostly alpaca. I went through the other tubs and piles, and had the living room floor to ceiling fiber, which sounds lovely, doesn't it?

No. It was terrifying, and embarrassing, and nauseating, and frightening.
Bug EyedBlushy 4
There was soooo much...

But I went through it all, and have an entire 40 gallon trash bag FILLED with stuff to take the the KR Retreat's Swap Table.

And I sorted out what was left so that like fibers are together - all the cottons together, all the sock yarns together, all the alpaca together, etc...

While that was going on, to calm my nerves, I watched some Halloween movies, Mel Brooks (who I just adore anyway) stuff, like Dracula Dead and Loving It, and Young Frankenstein (what knockers!) and then my all time favorite Halloween story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (not this version, which is my favorite, and not the Johnny Depp version either, which is good too, but another version which I can't find acknowlegement of anywhere, but was also pretty good.)

Oscar and the cats were inside with me, and Oscar started getting jittery and nervous... which makes me nervous. He's very protective of me, which is nice in a strong, mean-looking dog (who gets beat up by the cats) when your husband is away a lot, and I do firmly believe that animals listen to their instincts better than humans. I saw it repeatedly in the horses growing up on the farm, and in all other animals I've been in contact with - they know when something's up before we do. Trust them. And I usually do, but Oscar was really freaking me out. He doesn't normally bark inside the house, and he was giving a soft "ufff" kind of a warning bark... I ended up putting him to bed early, and double checking all the locks on the doors. He calmed down once he was sent to bed. When I woke up this morning, nothing seemed to be weird, although there were a lot of branches down, so hopefully it was just the wind picking up that was bugging him. Maybe he's scared of Headless Horsemen...

Tonight's KnitKnite so I've got my swatches for the retreat in the car, so I can work on them a little there. Plus I've brought my bead box and a necklace I knit (like these) this weekend to show the finished product, since I'm teaching Knitting With Wire both at my guild meeting this week, and sometime this winter at Crazy For Ewe. Then I have Thursday and Friday off for the Retreat, which I am not only looking forward to, but really need. It's going to be quite a week!


Blogger Elisa said...

No trick-or-treaters for us, either...but if Mike and I have to eat the one bag of Snickers we bought *just in case* we had any trick-or-treaters, well, I'm willing to take that hit for the team. ;)

Have an awesome time at the KR Retreat - I only wish I could be there to see your swap stash (drool, drool, drool).

Regarding animals instincts being better than humans: the only time my dad's horse Leo EVER kicked him was about an hour before an earthquake.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed all your Halloween candy that you didn't have to give away! We're slowly decimating our kids stash. I also hope you enjoyed your stash swap...I am so envious! Have a great weekend!


4:12 PM  

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