Thursday, December 09, 2004

Aslan gets a lot of attention on the blog, being as he's a big fiber snob and all. But Trevor didn't fall too far from the yarn tree either, he's just a little more "salt of the earth". As proof, I offer this picture, Trevor snuggled up with the afghan yarn:

That green "mattress" thing he's sitting on is actually a lap desk. You know, the little things with the solid top and padded bottom? Both Trevor and Aslan have figured out how to flip it over so they can sleep on the padded side.

While Trevor was being adorable there, this was going on in my lap:

It's the first commission stocking, the one that they'd like by Christmas. I think it'll happen without too much trouble. I've put myself on a schedule (even though it freaks me out a little how comfortable schedules make me feel. My mind may come up with loopy perspectives on life, but schedule me down to the minute, let me make lists, and I'm happy as a clam. Which as we all know, are wildly happy creatures. Ecstatic at all times, the clam. It's almost embarrassing how happy they are.) Anyway, the schedule is to finish the leg of the stocking in the mornings before work this week (that pretty much leaves me with tomorrow, but it's also just one more section, with Christmas trees). Saturday and Sunday I work on the actual foot. Then next week I'll do finishing - glueing ends in so that the floats won't catch toys and gifts that go inside, trimming, tightening, and fixing the mistakes (I hope I didn't just blow anyone's mind that I'm not perfect. If so, please erase that comment from your memory and continue to admire my brilliant perfection). Then next weekend I'll crochet up the leg. That should have it to the family with nearly a week before Christmas! Here's a wrinkled version of what I've got so far (the sides want to curl, and it doens't want to sit flat on a fluffy afghan):

As I said, mornings are for the stocking, because evenings are for the afghan. Despite the fact that I'm only halfway through the colors, each row gets longer than the last, and I'm not entirely convinced that the afghan will ever end. Ever. But still I insist on spending hours every evening knitting my fingers to the bone in an attempt to get this done. Christmas Eve I will give up and go to my first back up plan, which is knitting a mini-version and claiming it shrank in the wash.


Blogger Alissa said...


Have you blocked that stocking yet? Probably not. I'm sure it will block right out.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucy sends her regards to Aslan and Trevor!


10:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Wowee - the stocking's looking great!! What a project and what discipline - schedules and all that. I hope your wrist is still holding out under all the knitting.

4:45 PM  

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