Friday, December 03, 2004

Christmas is just 22 knitting days away.

Know how I know?

Because I no longer have the slightest insterest in the unfinished Christmas gifts in my piles of knitting. I'm thinking about the 2005 knitting list now, with stars in my eyes and a quiver in my heart.

Nevermind that the 2005 list does not need lengthening. I've got TKGA Masters Level 1 to get started on. I've got daydreams of a fairisle sweater. I've got that bluebird yarn I've spun and a vest to design and make from that. I've got 2004 Christmas gifts that I'll probably be working on well into 2005.

But nevermind all that.

All I want to know is should I put cables up the legs of the next socks I knit. I'm thinking I might be happy with them plain. I might be happy with cables up the sides. I might be happy with a full-blown aran cabled pattern all over the little puppies. I could be happy with many of these options.

I just don't know which one.

Sock 2SockSock 2

I'm rendered even more incapable of making a decision by the phonecall I just got. Seems the powers that be at my company want me at the holiday party so badly that they have offered to put me up in a hotel room rather than have me not come (it's on a Thursday night nearer to the main office, which means a two hour drive when my husband is out of town, which puts me driving late - way past my bedtime). I told them I'd have to look into pet care for the evening, but I'm really blown away by the offer. "You're part of the family - we want you there." was the response. Holy cow. If only I liked the actual job part of my job I could see me sticking around here for a while...

Oh, and it's Anj's birthday today, and she's darling and lovely and adorable and deserves nothing but the best, so go tell her that, okay?


Blogger Amy Boogie said...

I too have more interest in the 2005 project list. Or possibly in my new wheel. :)
Full on aran pattern is my vote.

2:25 PM  

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