Monday, December 06, 2004

I think I knit maybe three rounds of the afghan, about four rows of the commission stocking, maybe spun about a yarn of the wool from my secret pal. Partly because I was feeling down and mopey and uninspired, and partly because I wanted to really rest my wrist. I'm 100% convinced it's typing the causes the problem, and not anything fiber related. Unfortunately, I can't just stop typing because of work. But my wrist didn't hurt at all this weekend, so I'll be spending this week playing with keyboard angles to figure out how to get the pain away for good. I've always preferred it slightly tilted up, but today we'll try it flat and see where that gets us.

Tonight is Knit Knite (Borders in Columbia at 7pm, come on by and see us!) so I'll have a fun evening out... I have yet to decide which project will come along with me to that. I rarely get much knitting done at these things - sort of a sensory overload tends to render me incapable of the most simple stitches. But maybe the mohair garter stitch scarf will come along...

Wednesday is the Christmas party for my Annapolis Guild. I said I'd bring a cheesey cracker thing, since we were taking volunteers right about the time I saw a great recipe on someone's blog for that. Of course, I procrastinated on writing the recipe down, and now have to go hunt for it so I can make it tomorrow night.

Thursday is the office Christmas party, and I'm having very mixed feelings. I don't really want to go badly enough for it to be worth the four hours in the car (it's down in McLean VA, so about 2 hours one way). Yes, they said they'd put me up in a hotel, which is very flattering, and makes me want to go slightly more (or at least it makes me feel guilty about not wanting to go) but that means finding someone to watch the animals, since GB is out of town again. It's too cold to just leave Oscar out overnight now, though he still spends most days outside, but I don't know how well he'd respond to having someone else come along and put him to bed, even if he does like my dad. Plus, my dad might be having a medical proceedure that day, so a) he wouldn't be able to take care of Oscar anyway and b) I'm not convinced I'd want to be out of town and mostly unreachable when that's going on. Another plus for going is that my home is right near train tracks. As is the train headlights shine into the bedroom window, and we've had to reshelve things because the house shakes so much when the trains go by. For someone who doesn't sleep well anyway, this is not conducive to a sound sleep. So the night in the hotel would almost definitely be quieter. So I'm pretty unsure what will happen there.

I also have to break free at lunch sometime this week or next and try to get some Christmas shopping done. No one seems able to tell me what DSS wants for Christmas except in the most vague of ways. What kind of twelve-year-old boy can't think of a Christmas list? And it's not just me, my parents and grandparents and brother will want to buy him something as well, and I'm seriously considering telling them he has a new yarn fixation and they should just buy him tons of that. (of course, whatever he doesn't like I'd be willing to find homes for). I have a small gift for GB, a medium gift for GB, and a large gift for GB. I'd like to get another small, but I'm not sure if I'll end up doing that. And we all pitched in to get my Dad a new guitar, but now have no idea what to get my mother... a drum set?

As you can tell, I'm fairly mellow and mopey today anyway. Have a migraine, and did starting Saturday and all day yesterday. Probably not the best time to make any decisions, so could someone please just come over and live my life for a few weeks? Just till after Christmas, and then I'm sure I'll be fine.

Oh, and make sure you check back Wednesday afternoon. I promised my brother that my pennance for putting him singing up on my blog would be putting his birthday song from me up as well. So I should probably start picking the song and writing it, huh?


Blogger Kim said...

I hope your head feels better soon - it's no fun having a migraine during the holidays!

It sounds like you have lots of reservations about the party - follow your instincts!

My 12 year old son can't think of a Christmas list, either - it's funny that you said that about your DSS, because I just told Kelson that if he didn't think of something, I was going to tell everybody that he is asking for a swift and a Woolee Winder. :-)


12:02 PM  
Blogger David said...

HEY! No fair planning ahead with the birthday song! It doesn't count if you don't wake up in a panic on the day of the birthday and frantically scribble down lyrics to the first song that pops into your head!


3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jessica -

Sorry you feel so mopey. I often get that way too around this time of year as the holidays can be such a difficult time. Maybe you can come here and deal with my family and I'll go deal with yours. The novelty of the whole thing might make it all easier. Don't wear yourself too thin getting the gifts together - it will happen or it won't and all you can do is try your best.

By the way - how is the woolee winder working out? I know you were having a few issues with it.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I didn't finish reading your post. I decided it was time to stop when I read your first sentence, "I knitted three POUNDS of my afghan." I thought, WOW. Three pounds of afghan. That's a lot of afghan. Then I realized I needed to rest my eyes. They had some trauma today -- drops, dilation, all that good stuff. Ick. So I guess I better leave now without creating a big disturbance. Enjoy your three pounds of afghan. (Crazy Norma of Now Norma Knits)

8:17 PM  

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