Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm trying very hard not to acknowledge in any way that my boss was on my computer for about an hour this morning and so I've done significantly less typing today than other days. I choose instead to believe that I am HEALED!

My wrist doesn't hurt AT ALL right now.Way Too Happy

It was a very small Knit Knite last night, which was nice (and convenient, as Borders was slammed) since we got to actually talk to each other a little more completely than we do in large groups which tend to break off into smaller ones. I got a good three or four inches knit on my grandmother's scarf (the red mohair), maybe more, and I'm starting to feel like there's hope that I'll finish it in time. I only did a few more rows on the commission stocking. By 10 pm my wrist was protesting pretty quickly, so I ended up just putting that away for the night. I've got about five rows left of the santa section, a section of Christmas trees (that's about 25 rows) and then the foot part. I did two sections in one day last weekend, so if I get the two sections done this week, I think I can finish the foot part this weekend, and have it to them well in time for Christmas. I have now put this in cyber-print, which means something horrible will go wrong, but I laugh in the face of fate, because even with something wrong, I've still got another week beyond that for Christmas. Plus, they said they understood if I couldn't finish it by Christmas, as the recipient is three, and probably won't even notice it because he'll be tossing wrapping paper in the air with reckless abandon.
I've given up hope for the afghan. I do have someone mailing me a 60" needle, on inter-needle-ary loan, which should give me a second (are we still only on second? Maybe third or fourth) wind on it, but I'm not thinking it will be done. I'm oddly okay with that. I think it's denial of some kind. We'll see if I end up hyperventilating and trying to sculpt paper towels into fine art to compensate on Christmas morning...
Christmas Snow


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amie, try this
slow careful shoulder rolls.
that helped my wrist alot believe it or not
and brace it
if you can't rest and ice it.
(mother to the bad boy thaddeaus and little blue eyes....and the old senile one)

4:31 PM  

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