Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The people have spoken....

And they said I was an idiot.

Okay not really "the people"... just me.

Let me tell you about my morning.

DSS is off school this week and so we have him while GB takes some vacation time and do guy things together. It's sort of cute; GB, DSS, the cats and the dog, all sitting around scratching themselves all week. Okay, "cute" isn't really the word, but still...

The point is that with GB off work, he's been sleeping in a bit, and that means I've been sleeping in a little too, and getting dressed as quietly as I can so as not to disturb the aforementioned menfolk. It also means I'm not paying as close attention to what I'm doing when I get ready as perhaps I should, instead of focussing so much on being quiet.

In any event, I rushed out the door this morning, with plans to stop off at Safeway to get something for lunch and a cup of coffee, and notices as I was walking through the aisles that my shoes were clicking unevenly. One was making a higher pitched click than the other. This is a nerdy thing to notice, I realize, but nevertheless it's what happened.

So I'm walking down the aisles thinking "why would my left boot be clicking in a softer, deeper pitch? I wonder if the little plastic disc thingy fell off, and it's just a rubber heel on that foot? So I listen a little more as I walk, and pay a little more attention (never once actually looking at my feet, because by now I'm convinced that the whole reason everyone else in the store isn't laughing at my uneven shoes is that I haven't looked at them) and I realize that not only is the left boot clicking differently, I seem to be ever so slightly shorter - maybe half an inch - on that side. I grab my bagel chips and head to the coffee counter, where there's a line, and finally a chance to inspect my boots without drawing too much attention.

Carefully I inspect the heels:

Brown boot, heel fine, no sign of missing disc thingy.
Black boot, also fine, no sign of additional disk thingy.


Let me check again.

Brown boot, fine,
Black boot.....

Light Bulb 2

That's right ladies and gentlemen - TWO DIFFERENT BOOTS!

Go ahead, say it. I'm an idiot. A dorky, nerdy idiot.

And while you're thinking that, let me clinch the idea in your mind by telling you about a phone conversation that transpired last night. GB called his mom to wish her Merry Christmas and let her know we got the envelopes with the money. While he was on the phone, I was starting on her Christmas gift (which we'll give to her on a visit to Texas in the next few months) which is a Creatures of the Reef shawl, as she lives near the beaches of TX. I was knitting away, casting on the 80 bazillion stitches (okay, 437, but I hate casting on more than just about anything else knitting related) and counting carefully. He handed me the phone so I could talk to her, and I was so concerned that she not see what I was doing I completely forgot to thank her for the money.

Yup. Concerned that she would SEE the shawl I was knitting for her. Through the phone.

Yeah. I know.

But that brings us to what the people have spoken about. Because it was that money that I so ungratefully received that you have spoken about, and though it was a close race, you told me to put it in my Norm Hall fund... So that's what I'm gonna do. All my spare change goes into my sheepy bank, so be converted to bills which will go into that account. All the money I earn from commission knitting or teaching (not that it's a lot, but still) will go into my Norm Hall fund, and now, so will this.

So thanks to you, I am now $50 closer to having a Norman Hall wheel. Not that I'm smart enough to deserve one, but who am I to argue with the people?


Blogger Amanda said...

I recently did the same thing with my boots...only thing is I went to work where I will see those people again. Luckily, my husband brought me the correct one!!

12:11 PM  
Blogger Kim in Oregon said...

Amie, I do the shoe thing all the time. If I find a pair of shoes I like, I buy multiple pairs in multiple I'm constantly doing the 'shoe check' when I leave the house to make sure I have matching ones on. It is hardest in winter, when the light is really never enough to tell the brown clogs from the black ones or the leather maryjanes from the patent leather ones.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

Oh, I went to work. I'm there now, with mismatched boots. Work's half an hour away, no chance to run back. But since it's just me and Potty Man, I just laugh everytime I walk someplace and end up limping because my left leg is half an inch shorter. Oh well.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Amy Boogie said...

Thank you for the giggles once again. I stopped buying shoes that were remotely similar because I've done that too many times than I care to remember. Of course I like to go barefoot so that really solves the problem.

Yay! I voted for the Hall fund. Gotta help enable :)

2:58 PM  
Blogger Marcia said...

I am so happy with my new Symphony wheel that I put nearly all my Christmas money in my SOAR jar. Not only is SOAR going to be in Park City (son, new granddaughter)but it's at the very resort where my son works, so a teensy possibility of a room "deal". And I have a free ticket on my American Advantage account, so there may be some $$ left to shop with!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm not saying a word.....

(As he grins quietly to himself in a satisfaction equivalent to winning an arguement, which he never does)


3:50 PM  
Blogger vi said...

I do that with earrings all the time.
and not little stud type earrings, big bold GOLD earrings
however I am partial to rose gold and yellow gold so I not only wear two different, but also different colors.
however as I am 4007 years old I am entitled to be a bit forgetful.
I see it is rubbing off on you

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The following conversation actually took place about a year ago in my (then) office in the space of about 6 seconds:

Scene: Lissa is sitting in her office in her stocking feet. Gene comes running in.

Gene: Hey, kid - howz it going?

Lissa points toward two items on the floor.

Gene: Different Shoes!

Lissa: And?

Gene looks down again.

Gene: Both RIGHTS!

This was undoubtedly the most West Wing conversation I've ever had.

7:22 PM  

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