Friday, January 14, 2005


Even if you like Michael Keaton,

Even if you like movies with supernatural themes,

do not - I repeat, do NOT - waste $9 on

Michael Keaton did an admirable job trying to rescue a movie that was doomed to end... well, stupidly. He committed to the role, he tried to add real human emotion, but he should have run from the producers of this and never looked back. I will even confess to jumping two times, which I don't normally do in movies. Both times were visual effects, and hey, reflexes are reflexes. But at the end of the movie, I looked at GB and said "I'm so sorry" (I had asked specifically that we see the movie) and he said "I'm so glad it wasn't just me who felt that way about it."

Hey, at least from there Electra and Racing Stripes (the two movies I'd like to see this weekend) can't be bad. It's all a step up from there.

In other news, I had another knitting class this morning, and had a new student. The one who did cables Tuesday came back and was still enthusiastic and excited. We did a few more run through with the cables, because she wanted to be talked through it a few more times, but she did say "I'm not afraid of them anymore!" And the new student had done knitting before, and said she just wasn't happy with what she was doing... well, what she was doing was just knitting VERY VERY tightly! So I had her cast on intentionally making the stitches loose and sloppy. She kept saying "but they're uneven, they're uneven!" and then when she got a few rows up, I had her look back... and they had all evened out! She's going to work on knitting a little more loosely, and said "this is already more fun, and more enjoyable!" and seemed really thrilled with what we did. I wish I could teach knitting full-time, it's such a high, and good learning for me too!


Blogger snowballinhell said...

I'd love to teach knitting for a living, too. I get a fabulous discount at my LYS for it, and I make a percentage from the classes, but it's not like it would pay the mortgage, sadly.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I just went to see that movie tonight with my sister! I agree completely - what a waste of Michael Keaton. I scare easily, and I definitely wasn't scared...but there was a lot of "Huh?" comments between my sister and myself.

At least I only wasted $7...and the popcorn was good. :-)

10:30 PM  

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