Friday, February 18, 2005

Why? What's in your desk drawer?

A peek inside the desk of the manager of a radio station... who happens to be a knitter...

And in case you're starting to think no actual work occurs ....

Ah, but that IS work related, sort of. If you've ever wondered where radio stations find the cheesy guests they have on, it's publications like this. Anyone who has anything moderately spectacular (there's an oxy moron for you) that they can hock on the radio (usually it's a cheesy book) pays a rediculous amount of money to get put into this mailing... which then gets sent unsolicited to radio stations.

We don't use it at my station, because we're brokered (which means each host you hear on the show has to pay for their time on the air. Essentially, we're sign-on to sign-off of business infomercials because the hosts are on exclusively to draw business to their accounting, stock options or mortgage firms.) However, we still get the rag sent to us, and I enjoy browsing through to find out who wants to talk about being found face down in the gutter on 3rd Avenue in New York

or dead daughter's Valentine's messages, or Vegas weddings, or that sort of thing....

Trevor seems to like Mommy's camera better than Daddy's camera, as he's been modeling for me a great deal lately... isn't he handsome?

And this is the very best thing about my job - the view every day as I leave. Since my hours are based on the sunset, it really is what I see nearly every day....


Blogger paula said...

ohh.. I love the pretty sunsets and trees when I leave work too! My boy insists that they are rare, but I see them just about every day!

1:19 PM  
Anonymous marti said...

those sunsets are pretty darn awesome! and your desk drawers look much more interesting than mine!

12:05 PM  

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