Monday, March 28, 2005

I think something's wrong with my little ball winder. This is two balls in a row of handspun that it's obliterated.

And this was gorgeous silk. So this time, it's personal.

There's nothing I could do with this. The tangle was HUGE, and everytime I'd get the tiniest section worked the slightest bit out, another tangle would come out from the center. The silk has gone on to a better (okay, worse) place now.

I did spin a teeny bit of a gorgeous white wool/silk/angora blend from my benevolant benefactor, a smeency fraction of an ouce. Of course, I didn't think to take pictures of it. Maybe I'll remember that tonight. I'm thinking of a very fine weight lace for that. I have two ounces over all, and it spins beautifully, so we'll see what gets made of that. I will NOT let it near my little ball winder. From now on, ALL homespun gets Big Bertha.

I also worked more on the baby sweater. I got about a quarter down the right front, decided I wasn't happy with a change I'd made in the pattern, so ripped way back, and then discovered that I'd done the measurements wrong for that section anyway, so it was a good think I ripped back. But I'm back up to where I stopped last time, and it's going well. I'll try to get more pictures of that tonight, too.

For now, you just get a Lucy-Cam update:

Houston, we have a lemon!!!

BTW, Lucy had a sister who didn't survive the move from the snowbelt of New York. Her sister was a Key Lime tree named Ethel. What can I say, I lived in the birthplace of Lucille Ball.....


Blogger David said...

BAD ball winder! BAD!


: )

9:08 PM  

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