Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Story of Trevor

Years ago, when my precious Misha was an only child, people started telling me she was getting old. Now, this is a horrible thing to say, especially to someone as close to her as I was. Would you go to someone and say "wow, your mom's getting old. Bet she keels over at any minute!" Nevertheless, everyone mentioned how old she was (at NINE!). More and more I was thinking about her leaving me, which I knew would kill me. And I knew if I didn't have another cat in my life when Misha passed, I never would. If I had one to keep caring for, I'd get by, but if all I had was memories of her, no one else would live up to it. So I started thinking about getting a kitten.

Just then, GB announced that Elvira was pregnant by Meathead. This is not the scandel it could be, since Elvira and Meathead were the names the soldiers on the Naval base where GB worked had given to two stray cats who were seen 'round and about together.

So it was decided that I would have one of Elvira's kits - my pick. I had heard that alternating genders makes cat integration easier, so I'd decided to get one of the boys. Since Misha was named after a male dancer (Mikhail Baryshnikov) I had decided that my little boy kitten would be named after a female actress - Antoinette Perry, the only woman to have an Academy Award named after her (the Tonys).

About a week after the kittens were born, in early April of 2000, I went to visit GB and see a movie with him and with his son. During the entire movie, I heard a mother talking to her son. I never heard her son. I never saw her son. But throughout the entire movie I heard a contstant stream of

And people think the cosmos doesn't give warnings.

We went to see the kittens after that, and they all looked almost identical. There was one of the boys who had the tiniest white fluff on the tip of his tail - maybe 15 little hairs. He was running around, slapping the other kittens around, jumping on them, bossing them around....
and as soon as I picked him up, he fell asleep in my arms.

Yep, this was my little guy.

A string was tied around his neck so no one else would take him (eventually all the kittens found homes, and Elvira was fixed) and when he was old enough, he came home with me. For a while, he was Trevor Perry, but on visiting my parents, my mother decided that "Trevor Miguel" had much more "yellability" - and he knows the middle name means trouble!

Misha hated him. She didn't want a kitten (she might have liked a puppy). And he was fearless. Lungs like you'd never believe something his size could have. He was sick a lot when he was tiny. The vet told me he was small for his age, and that his inners hadn't caught up to his outers in growth, so things weren't processing as smoothly as they could be. He outgrew it, and hasn't had a problem since. He jumped on everyone and everything - the world was his playground (the picture above is him spelunking through a pair of my father's pants at about 6 months old. He'd started at the cuff).

When he was eight months old, I came home from work to find uncooked spaghetti all over my apartment. The box was still in the cabinet, which was above my head. He had climbed up, opened the cabinet and the box, and knocked it over, to pour noodles down to play with. He could turn on and off lightswitches by jumping up and hitting the toggles (I'm sure my neighbors thought I had some sort of freaky disco going on most nights.) He turned on the air conditioning once doing the same thing. I had to have GB raise the chandelier in my dining room on one of his visits, because Trevor would take a running leap at it, catch it with his front legs, and swing like George of the Jungle. He still plays fetch with the little plastic rings from milk jugs, or his favorite toy, a little green and white stuffed chicken, which he knows by name (Stephen - I'll try to post a picture of him later, I forgot to take one).

He's five today. Any minute now he'll outgrow that kitten behavior, right? I'll cry that day.

He is everything a cat should be. Ferocious, and curious, and fearless, and loving. He will get into trouble where you think there is none. And then he will want to cuddle until the fear goes away. No mouse stands a chance with him around. And strangers better be ware, as well - I'm his mom, don't bother to try to steal my love (it took him years to accept GB!). He is by far the most affectionate cat I've ever lived with, though no one (myself included) would say he's the sweetest in temperment. He is my Spud. Spuderball. Trev. Monkey.

Happy Birthday, Trevor Miguel.
I love you.


Blogger Kim in Oregon said...

Happy Birthday Trevor! May you stay forever a kitten.

1:09 PM  
Blogger erica said...

Amie, that was so sweet. I want to go home and cuddle with my kitties, George & Chloe now. Trevor sounds a lot like my two kitties combined.

May he always be as playful as a kitten.

Happy birthday Trevor! Make sure Mom gives you some good food tonight!
^ ^
> <

erica :)

1:22 PM  
Blogger Agnes said...

This is a really sweet story! Thanks, Amie, for sharing this. You know I am crazy about anything "kittenish" ... ;)

BTW, I got Nancy Bush's Knitting on the road too. Vogue Knitting on the go Socks 2 is on its way. Great books you got there.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Rossana said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor Miguel! What a wonderful story of how you and your Mommy found each other. Such a beautiful kitty, too!

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday to Trevor!!!!

We could have a suprise party.... With hats and horns... We can hide and when he least expects it... "SURPRISE!!"

Probably scare the bejeezus out of him and make his head explode.

A fish pate'would be better......


2:14 PM  
Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

how cute is he.. what a handsome boy and a lovely mother !

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds very much like the story of my two kitties. My first cat, Groovy, was sickly, so my Buster got me Peyton. Groovy hated Peyton, Peyton loved Groovy with all his heart. They were quite a pair. Sadly neither of them is still with me, but reading your story reminded me of many happy moments.

On Friday was close on the new house and we will be getting kittens. I can hardly wait.


3:16 PM  
Anonymous marti said...

happy birthday trevor, i am hoping that you will be still causing chaose for many years to come.

3:24 PM  
Blogger David said...

Dammit, Ames, you're not supposed to make your brother cry at work. Am I gonna have to start waiting to read your blog until I get home? (And who's gonna cook for your brother-in-law while I do?)

3:30 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

Amie, that's a great story. Reminds me of my Lizzie. She's 6 now, and still a kitten at heart. Here's hoping she stays that way -- and Trevor too!

4:15 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Okay, now I feel Deep Guilt that I let Murphy's 5th birthday pass last week without a tribute. Boris and Natasha turn 8 on Friday (we don't know their actual birthday but guesstimated April 1). You will be happy to know that at 8, Boris is still a goofy kitten - he can open doors by turning the knobs, he will assault you for banana bread, and he likes to wake me up around 3 a.m. for a love fest. Natasha is more settled, being a girl and all. My husband was right - he said boy kitties are way more fun. It's true for dogs too. The females have to be mature (because somebody has to) the boys retain that "Oh, KEWL!" attitude all their lives.

7:00 PM  
Blogger vi said...

trevor and I share a birthday?
did you see the card with the gray kitten bernie gave me?
talk about the cosmos talking to you.......
and tomorrow I get fawn, that 5 year old queen!
happy birthday to trevor may he have many many many more

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

What a handsome kitty! He sounds like my Sparky (13 years old), who has been with me since I was 17 (and is still as wild and crazy as any kitten). He only mildly tolerates my husband of eight years...I belong to him, not the man. ;)

Happy Birthday to Trevor!

12:30 PM  

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