Monday, March 07, 2005

You know how, when you're sick or just don't feel good, your day turns into a vague fog? I have no recollection of anything unusual happening Friday when I left for work, and yet...

On his way home from a business trip in Pittsburgh, GB got a call from the next door neighbor. None of the neighbors seem to like me all that much (which is just absurd, because I'm really quite loveable) but they all adore him. Well, sure, I can see that. Anyway, Charlie called him and said "that mean grey cat of yours is outside and your front door is standing open." Seems when I left, the door didn't latch, and Trevor got out. Charlie saw him, tried to get him, and he hissed and scratched.

GB hustled home, got him in the house, and, in his words "tried to check on his emotional stability." Trevor let him pet him for "approximately 1.2 seconds" then bit him. Sure, Mommy left the door open, but it was still Daddy's fault. When I got home, he had so much to tell me and wanted to cuddle and snuggle. In the midst of this, I discovered a big dollup of motor oil on his back, and (remembering the Dawn Duck commercial that makes me cry) got a (handknit) dishcloth, some Dawn, and gave him a sponge bath. Which he purred all the way through. And then spent a few hours looking like a greaser from the fifties.

But he's all better, and inside, and cute, and I think Aslan got out too, and just got back in before he was caught, because he's now taken up the habit of walking to the front door and meowing. Next time it rains, they can both go out.

I didn't spin all weekend, but remember this from Friday morning?

It looked like this Friday night

and this Saturday night

And this Sunday night

No, that's not a mistake. What happened is I finished the heel turn Saturday, intent on doing the reverse of the Saxony pattern up the leg Sunday. But I couldn't for the life of me find the pattern. So I tried to remember the cable as much as I could, but couldn't get it worked out. So I frogged back, and tried another version of a cabled rib, but I didn't like the elasticity of that. So I frogged back, and tried a lace pattern, but I didn't like the way the pattern was turning out. So I frogged back (are you sensing a pattern here?) and tried another lace pattern, but the openness of that looked odd next to the st-st of the foot. So I frogged back and it's looking like I'm just going to keep the st-st up the leg, which isn't what I want, I wanted something a little more fun, but someone stop me from frogging back again.

It's Knit Knite tonight, so I'll bring it and work on it there, and then back to the stockings in the morning.


Blogger snowballinhell said...

Oh, poor greasy Trevor. (My sis has a kitty that had been thoroughly doused in motor oil when she found her, and it didn't look like an accident. They cleaned her up, took her to the vet, nursed her through it all, and named her Valdiz after the big Exxon oil spill.)

I love the green sock. Very nice colors, with or without a pattern worked in.

11:44 AM  
Blogger vi said...

I used to use wonder bread slices to remove the worst of the oil on the rescues we used to get here.
( we had a bunny that we ended up keeping and naming Froud,that came to us covered in oil from Newark NJ)
then we clipped the last of it
I didn't use dawn on them I was always afraid to

1:24 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

I wouldn't have used soap if it weren't for the commercial (and the companion website: )

This says it's been used to get oil off of lots of wildlife, fowl, and otters, and other mammels, so I figured it was safe for my own little wild kitties...

1:39 PM  
Blogger erica said...

Amie, I love the green socks. I think you should still do some sort of cable on the side just to give it an even more Irish look to it.

Poor Trevor. Of course, I'm sure he loved every minute of being outside, except for the oil spill. Obviously, he has a mom that will take care of him and he'll be on the mend quickly.

3:01 PM  

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